So I'm thinking of adopting a polyphasic sleep schedule

Because I cannot keep to the normal monophasic sleep cycle the rest of the world is on. Even when I have a job it just doesn’t work out.

The Everyman sleep cycle requires less sleep and is a lot less harsh during the adjustment period than other polyphasic sleep cycles. It also includes a core nap instead of just being made up of a ton of little naps throughout the day, which I feel would mess with me and my going to bed ritual a lot less. Also, I would probably actually use my bed for that one. I tend to just use a blanket and lay on my bed backwards when I take naps.

I get the blanket thing, what with naps being short and all, but have NO idea where the laying down backwards thing came from. Or when it started, for that matter.

And I can’t do it at night. I always end up waking up at strange hours. Being backwards on my bed must inherently create a naptime effect where I don’t sleep for long periods of time. I don’t know. =P

Point being, I’m officially nocturnal as of this week and every single time I try to get back to not being nocturnal it fails horribly.

So why not screw nature and stay up all night without actually being a frikkin’ vampire, says I.

hello sleepy friends,

the common assumption about sleep is that you should be able to sleep for 8 hours a night and that’s all you need. this is called monophasic sleeping. but all our bodies are different and many of us do better with separated chunks of sleep. for me, I feel the most alert and functional when I sleep for 6 hours at night and then take a 2 hour nap at 3pm. although it can be difficult to have the time figuring out how your body works and accommodating to it, if you suffer from sleep problems, it’s worth reducing your nighttime sleep period and adding a daytime nap to see how it affects you before you resort to sleeping pills or assuming it’s insomnia.