Imagine a sterek Princess Mononoke AU where Derek is the prince of a secluded village who is exiled after he killed a rampant demon and is poisoned by the demon’s blood; a curse that can’t be cured. 

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He crosses the land to find where the lead bullet that had driven the beast mad came from, Along his journey, he crosses paths with the boy who runs with wolves; the legendary child of the woods: Stiles.

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He tracks the lead bullet down to a mining village ran by Allison Argent. Allison isn’t as much of a villain Derek would like her to be; despite her military training, her slightly abrasive personality and the fact that she’s destroying the land to fuel her weaponry manufacturing, she has a soft side; she cares for those who are exiled and homeless and give jobs and homes to those with leprosy.

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She also wishes to hunt down the gods of the forest, trying to keep her people safe from their retaliation.

Derek soon finds himself in the middle of a war; one between nature and man.