Monon in Hegewisch - 1958 by Pullman Jct on Flickr.

Hegewisch (Chicago)


Caption notes by Bob Lalich:

“Here is an outstanding photo from 1958 of an outbound Monon train passing 130th St on the C&WI. The photographer is standing on the K&E/South Shore bridge. This photo comes from the collection of Mark Stanek, who sadly has passed away. I have made attempts to identify the photographer but have not yet been successful. Any info will be appreciated.

Besides the attractive train, there are many details to look over, which adds to the enjoyment for me. The crossing gates were manually controlled by a gateman in the tower to the left of the train. There was also an automatic warning bell. I watched many trains pass this location from my parents’ stopped car.

Notice the track alignment. The C&WI bascule bridge in the distance was the second to span the Calumet River at this location. The first was a swing bridge. The bascule bridge was built along side the old bridge and resulted in a small jog in the tracks.

The open area is now the Avalon Trails section of Hegewisch. Not long after this photo, typical Chicago style bungalos were built along the streets seen here, which had been laid out many years prior.

The industries that can be seen in the hazy background include Ford, Interlake Iron’s (newly rebuilt at the time) coke plant, Wisconsin Steel, Globe Roofing Products, Continental Grain, Cargill, and Republic Steel.

A small portion of the Calumet Western Swing bridge can be seen as well. It would be hit by a seagoing ship in 1962 and never rebuilt.”

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