Our critic Heller McAlpin says “Most of the 35 very short essays in Would Everybody Please Stop? are either hilarious, heartfelt, or both. 

Many, including “I’m Awake,” first appeared in The New Yorker. Some are over-the-top silly, others read like material for her performances as a monologist and may be even better live. Yet her wry voice — sometimes confiding, sometimes overbearing — comes through loud and clear in print.

Find her full review here.

– Petra

Lina Cavalieri described as “the most beautiful woman in the world,” was an Italian opera singer, actress, and monologist. She was born into poverty on Christmas day, 1874 and died surrounded by valuable jewels on February 7, 1944 during an allied bombing raid. Hearing of an American bomber nearby, Cavalieri was on her way to the air-raid shelter when she decided to run back to the house to fetch her valuable jewelry. This proved to be a fatal decision and she was buried under the rubble of her own home.


Final Asssscat of 2013 and it was a great one to end on.

I hosted the 9:30 with Gethard and Ian Roberts. Ian is one of the 4 people that built the UCB, where Gethard and I met. And in a month Gethard and I will be shooting a pilot for Comedy Central together, along with other goofs and wackos we call friends. So it was an especially nice way to cap off a really great year while we head into a dope ass month.

I also got to host the 7:30 with Ian and Tami Sagher by my side. Tami is a mega talent and I have learned so much from her as a performer. She is also one of those people that makes you smile when she enters a room. UCB and NYC are lucky to have her.

Mega Bonus - I improvised with people that I would not even hesitate to add to my “Mutha-fucking fun and easy to improvise with, these people are the best, holy shit, I am lucky” list.  No Joke, look at that fucking line-up! 

Pictured L-R Adam Pally, Neil Casey, Tami Sagher, John Lutz, Zach Woods, Chad Carter, Joe Wengert, Ian Roberts, Mike Still, Chris Gethard. Not Pictured, Will Hines, he died after the 7:30 show. Also not pictured Zhubin Parang who was our monologist and was awesome as always.

Improvising is fun. I love it. Thank you.

(photos taken by Jenna Barron who gave herself permission because she is the house manager)