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It’s our April Fool’s Funaround, Sparks Nevada edition!

If you love this sort of Funaround, the WorkJuice Players, hate scripts, and are in NY on October 8th, you’ll want to join us for the WorkJuice Improv Experience! Always a fun, silly venture, this outing features Paul F. Tompkins, Craig Cackowski, Scott Adsit, Janet Varney, Hal Lublin, Mark Gagliardi, guest monologist Jean Grae, and some surprises!

Lina Cavalieri described as “the most beautiful woman in the world,” was an Italian opera singer, actress, and monologist. She was born into poverty on Christmas day, 1874 and died surrounded by valuable jewels on February 7, 1944 during an allied bombing raid. Hearing of an American bomber nearby, Cavalieri was on her way to the air-raid shelter when she decided to run back to the house to fetch her valuable jewelry. This proved to be a fatal decision and she was buried under the rubble of her own home.

A fan wrote to me that when he watches videos on his laptop his dogs bark uncontrollably… that is until he plays my new video, Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto 5 with Coco Peru! As soon as they hear me they stop barking and listen. So, not only am I a drag queen/monologist/world savior, I am now, apparently, a dog whisperer! Here is the link!

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@Regrann from @ucbtheatreny - 7/12/15 #Asssscat 3000 9:30 crew L-R: Zach Woods, Brian McCann, monologist Marc Shaiman, Amy Poehler, Shannon O'Neill, Mike O'Brien, Connor Ratliff, Chris Gethard, Tami Sagher.

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Miss Coco Peru, in Coco Peru Live! in Puerto Vallarta at The Palm

The Palm Cabaret and Bar is excited to announce the return of popular comedienne, monologist and film and television personality, Miss Coco Peru, in Coco Peru Live!, February 2 -15. Recognizable by her trademark copper-toned flip hairdo, Miss Coco is the iconic drag persona of American actor and…


Puerto Vallarta’s New Generation of News #vallarta #mexico #jalisco #beach #sun #news #puertovallarta

Last nights Asssscat crew: Atamanuik! Jarrett! O'Neill! Ratliff! Sagher! Pally! Schwartz! Woods! And monologist Janeane Garofalo! (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, NY)

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