‘Iapetus: The Monolith Waits’ (2016) by Steve Dodd. A brand new painting from Steve Dodd, his first new space/scifi painting in nearly 30 years. It is based on Arthur C Clarke’s book of 2001 rather than the movie.

Steve Dodd is a US artist who was at his most prolific in the 1980s with works featured in Starlog, Omni and Future Life magazines along with European book covers, art exhibitions with the Hildebrandt brothers and a commendation from Arthur C Clarke. For various reasons Steve stepped back from the rough and tumble of the scifi art scene which was hyper-competitive and he eventually stopped painting. Over the last few years he has shared some of his work with me, most never seen outside his studio. With this spectacular painting Steve is most definitely back in business!


Morning fog clearing in Yosemite, with Yosemite Falls in the background.


The White Desert, Egypt

Formed by centuries of erosion and sandstorms, The White Desert features unique calcium rock formations that crop up across the landscape like great abstract statues. Some of the well-recognized monoliths have been given names like “mushroom”, “ice-cream cone,” and “the Monolith.” Only in The White Desert will you encounter such a bizarre and awe-inspiring natural museum of chalk-rock.

Many people spend a night camping in the desert with Bedouin guides, where they can observe the changing faces of the monoliths as the bright sun of the afternoon sinks into a shadowy dusk. As the sun goes down, the calcium sea seems to reflect all the fuchsias and oranges of the sky.

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2001: A Space Odyssey Illustrations by Joe Wilson / Tumblr

Part of the first ever illustrated edition of Arthur C. Clarke’s Sci-fi masterwork, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, newly published by The Folio Society. Available HERE.

For this new 240 page illustrated edition, Joe contributed seven colour illustrations that capture the book’s vision. Featuring a holographic foil, pearlescent spot varnish cover which is enclosed in a 9½“ X 6¼“ Metallic foil slipcase.

So I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky. I was flying from point A to point B, and I saw this below. It’s made of monolith-stuff, sure. But it’s different.

It’s non-interactive. Nothing could have pointed to it, because it doesn’t have any activation points, like normal monoliths do.

So here’s a picture of it. Because otherwise, due to how huge the game is, maybe no one else would ever see it.