Drove down to Murrieta, CA to meet Larry Stonestreet of Stoner’s Beemer Stash. He had a bike that I wanted to see. 

Last of its kind and only 180 made for the US market. Not by any means a highly collectable Airhead but still a very interesting, or some would say “odd”, BMW never the less. 

Larry is very cool guy. A BMW enthusiast turned small business owner. He is as honest as they come. We talked while he gave me a little tour of his shop and a quick introduction to the world of BMW boxer twins.  

Didn’t take much to convince me. I love odd things. I shook his hand and the deal was made. The R100 was coming home with me. Larry was even kind enough to help me haul the bike back to west LA in his pickup.

Also, thanks to Brandon at for finding the bike and making the introduction.

We welcome the youngest new addition to The Mighty Motor family, “Anke”, the 1991 BMW R100 Monolever.


If you need any BMW Airhead stuff:

Stoner’s Beemer Stash
Murrieta, CA
Larry Stonestreet