dr cast game vs. stage

i had a lot of fun with the junko ones, so i made a similar thing w/ everyone else

(this time they’re transparent and have captions, and again, the original video was taken down)


Mono-chu amiibo ⊟

I’m getting terrifying thoughts of Pokémon’s mascot trapping trainers in a gym, forcing them to murder each other to get out, à la Danganronpa. This awesome custom figure comes from Saludos Amiibos, who is currently taking commissions (love the tags on his post for Pikachu/Monokuma by the way).

Speaking of Danganronpa, TinyCast member Christian Nutt interviewed series writer and director Kazutaka Kodaka over at Gamasutra. It’s a fantastic interview that gets into “his method, the characters, and what he wanted to accomplish creatively – and into the mind of Monokuma.”

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to preorder Danganronpa: Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, which releases for PS Vita in the West later this year.

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Danganronpa by Momo-Honey