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I’m replaying SDR2 and there are lots of details I forgot that are really worth bringing up...
  • Gundham secretly wanting to be friends with Hajime and Souda in ch. 2
  • Monokuma’s discourse on suicide (It counts as murder because you’re ending with the most valuable being in your life: yourself)
  • Teruteru asking to rub sunscreen on anyone, Nekomaru answering to that and Teruteru being like: “Ok I don’t mind. My tastes are quite open”.
  • Monokuma calling Hajime “tsundere”
  • Ibuki saying “You’re so cool” in “pig language” to Twogami
  • Fuyuhiko’s yakuza apology via harakiri 
  • The pictures of baby Fuyuhiko and Peko
  • Mini-maru 
  • Peko’s obsession love for squishy animals 
  • Everyone freaking out about Saionji’s altar to Koizumi but telling Saionji it’s cute after they know her true intentions… And Komaeda, who arrives later, saying outloud how creepy that altar is.
  • Nanami’s low-key sass (especially towards… guess who??’ That’s right! Komaeda-kun) 
  • Ibuki’s “Let My Feelings Reach You Too” 
  • Hajime proving his “tsundere-ness” with Nagito by thinking a lot of him and then being like: “But, it’s not like I care about him or anything… (baka)”

(You may add more to the list)


I Saw A Lot of Videos doing these
Family Reacting to Danganronpa Characters So I thought I would do one with my 6 Year Old Cousin.

According to my Cousin,
Naegi is an acorn,
Kirigiri draws naked people, Maizono is trustable,
Togami is donald trump,
Asahina is best girl,
Hagakure is a Hobo,
Fukawa writes book reports, Genocider Syo sews dresses,
Junko is a porn star,
Sakura has buffalo wing legs, Fujisaki is also best girl,
Celes is a magician,
Ishimaru is a teacher,
Owada is a wrestler,
Yamada draws fanart for youtubers,
Leon gets all the ladies,
Mukuro shoots haters,
and Celes controls Monokuma.