Brandon told me the day before my birthday that my gift would be late and he felt very bad, but I am the most meh person when it comes to birthdays so I told him, “Don’t even feel bad! You know how meh I am about birthdays.” Anyway, the next morning he told me what he had gotten me so I’d have something to look forward to. 


It is Cuyana’s short leather tote and I feel good about having been recommending it blind to you guys for the past year or so because it is glorious. It is so well-made and appears to be very sturdy (I will report back after a month of use or so) and the monogramming is the icing on the cake. (It takes longer to receive the bag and it’s an extra $10, but it is the best $10 you will spend.) 

Here’s the thing I really love though: the color. It’s the richest shade of caramel. Caramel bags like this go with everything: They look good with denim and black (and I wear a lot of both). I love that the shape is so minimal and clean. No frills except the monogram. 

I am eyeing the tall leather tote ($150) next (when is the next gift giving occasion I can drop hints for–Mother’s Day, yes). If you have to take a laptop back and forth to work, the tall one might be a better choice. (Although I could easily fit my laptop in mine. It says “Short,” which may make you think it is small but it’s not.) 

Anyway, if you’ve been looking for a basic (NO BASIC BAGS ALLOWED) minimal leather tote that can work for commuting, weekend, diaper bagging, whatever–I am over the moon for this one already. 

etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 2.26.14

requested by: i-just-kept-swimming
looking for: a monogrammed bag in a tote or cross-body style

attention preppy followers: this curation request is going to be right up your alley :) monograms are perpetually in style, so treating yourself to a high-quality monogrammed tote or bag would be a wonderful, long-lasting investment. what do you think of these options?

FEATURED: the colorful totes at iflewthenest can be personalized with initials, full names, sorority letters, you name it. tons of options!!

other shops with monogrammed bag ideas:

also, the rad bags at rockcowstudio can include a leather-stamped name or monogram. i love these! :)