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What exactly does "the look is sexy burglar meets classic east coast prep" look like? I am very curious here. Is this a year round look?

It is when you wear your oversized black wool turtleneck the day before Thanksgiving, to a half day of work, with black skinny jeans, black lace up boots and a black beanie, to hide dirty side braid hair and your French Studio manager says you look like you’re set to rob a bank. But then, the next week, you wear the same turtleneck (because you wear it at least once a week when the weather permits) with cropped demi-boot cut cords, black chelsea boots and your hair in a long CBK-like ponytail and another coworker tells you that you’re ready for a weekend further up the east coast like the girl she hated in boarding school.

So then it becomes a game, to see what each day’s outfit falls more on the burglar or classic east coast prep spectrum… typically a confused-somewhere-in-the-middle look. It’s a lot of black, charcoal or neutral color clothing. It’s a lot of oversized sweaters: wool, cashmere and cable knit. It’s more stripe shirts, ranging from t-shirt to men’s rugby shirts. It’s boots: Bean, ankle, calf and riding. It’s trainers, ballet flats and mules. It’s totes, totes and totes: leather canvas, camo, and one of which is a monogramed boat tote. Oversized sweatshirts, Carhartt wip overalls, baseball or fisherman’s caps… the list goes on. 

It’s really just more of a fall through early spring look. During the summer it is less of a burglar look.. but still the same amount of black. 

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can you make a list of what you see as the quintessential "preppy" items (wardrobe-wise, including purses and sunglasses, etc.)?

Here are my preppy wardrobe essentials: ⚓️🐳


-Cable knit sweaters

-Button downs

-Striped shirts

-Chambray shirts

-Vineyard Vines polo shirts

-Piko tops

-Tartan/plaid shirts

-Gingham tees


-J Crew chinos

-Nike shorts (”Norts”)

-Scalloped shorts

-Vineyard vines shorts

-Lilly Pulitzer shorts

-Pencil skirts

-Striped shorts

-Gathered skirts


-Dark denim jeans

-Colorful pants

-White pants

-Black pants

-Patterned pants


-Little black dress

-Shift dress

-Colorful tunics

-Seersucker dress

-Bow backed dress

-Classic striped dress

-T shirt dresses


-Barbour jacket

-Patagonia fleece/pullover

-Pea coat

-Trench coat

-Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt

-J Crew puffer vest

-Navy blue blazer

-Black blazer

-Colorful blazer


-Hunter boots

-Brown leather riding boots

-Basic flats

-Bean Boots


-Black/nude pumps

-Nude/colorful wedges

-Tassel loafers

-Jack Rogers

-Tory Burch Sandals

-Colorful Nike athletic shoes



-Kate Spade

-Tory Burch

-Monogrammed tote

-Leather weekender bag


-Monogrammed necklace

-Pearl necklace

-Statement necklaces

-Classic watch

-Bow earrings/necklace

-KJP anchor bracelet


-Classic Ray Bans


-Oversized round/square frames in tortoise shell or black

Hats/Hair Accessories:

-Floppy hat

-Baseball cap from Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, monogrammed, etc.


-Printed/colorful headbands

Selena Gomez herself shared the 3rd and final teaser photo from her new Louis Vuitton Series 5 Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 campaign. She wore this very colorful black, green, white and blue color block printed dress from the label’s Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 Collection

She completed her look with black heeled combat boots and a brown monogram tote bag from the same look

She didn’t deviate from the runway example at all for this look but i love it. When do we ever see Selena in colors and prints? I even love the black boots and dark lipstick because they add some edge to the ensemble and she wears it well.

Can’t wait to see the rest of this campaign! In the meantime, let’s discuss everything so far on @askselenascloset

I feel that the struggle for perfection is human in the most sincere way. For millennia, humans have suffered for and believed in the possibility of advancing to a higher plane, a new and better reality, a perfect self in a perfect place. This carefully crafted self ceases to be totally human, and becomes something new. A human/object hybrid.
A goddess.
And she is here.
There is a now a new divinity. She is mystical, complete, everywhere and everything, simultaneously everywoman and no-woman. People try to tear her down, to decry her as evil or, even worse, meaningless. I call her Susan Next Door.

Like many other sacred and venerated idols, Susan Next Door simplifies herself for us in the form of iconography, because she escapes definition. These symbols evoke her, and signal to the viewer that she is present.

Some of these icons include:
• A white ceramic coffee mug filled with black coffee, especially cupped in two hands
• A fluffy white terrycloth towel or robe
• A disembodied, rusty pink manicured hand, high gloss
• Abundantly filled refrigerators, emitting cold white light
• A wheeled office chair, holding a pair of seated, pantyhosed legs, wearing block-heeled pumps
• Roses or Calla Lilies, especially softly pressed against the face or lying under manicured feet
• Factory produced figurative sculptures and figurines – “décor”
• A woman in a flying leap, arms outstretched, silhouetted in shadow against a blazing sunset
• Safety garments
• Skirt suits
• A woman standing/floating, untethered, on a bright white background
• Monogrammed totes and aprons
• Wigs, especially “granny” wigs
• Pilgrimess costumes
• A clear glass of water, floating one lemon slice
• A brown paper grocery bag with one baguette, a small bouquet of flowers, and multicolored bell peppers peeping from the top
• A small circular makeup mirror, showcasing a hugely magnified eye
• Soft focus, or alternately, hyper-real sharp focus
• Hospitals that house only healthy, active senior women
• A multi-paned window with a blue gradient representing the sky
• Headsets

This list is far from exhaustive, but lends an idea. Open your mind to Susan Next Door and her iconography, and message me if you see the signs.

Thank you for this message, infact! I’m a longtime fan and follower of yours. 

Happy Tenth Birthday, ‘Mean Girls.’ You Taught Me So Much

Maybe it’s exactly the wrong time to admit this, given that today’s the film’s tenth anniversary, but the 14-year-old me totally did not “get" Mean Girls. It was less stylized than Clueless, less sophisticated than Heathers, and 100 times less cool than Cruel IntentionsMean Girls showed up late to the party with its monogrammed tote bag, and expected everybody to quote it to death. And quite a lot of the time, they did. In hindsight—or more importantly, after watching it with a full-blown, adult-sized hangover—it’s a different story. But at the time it felt like something relatively unremarkable, with the bonus addition of Lindsay Lohan and huge budget.

Before Mean Girls, everyone I knew was happy buying into and lusting after the impossibleCruel Intentions idea that you needed a crucifix full of cocaine to be cool. Then along came the Plastics, who merely required you to not be wearing track pants. I don’t know about you, but my teen self felt let down. Buffy in a school uniform seducing her step-brother was a whole lot more exciting than a bunch of girls wearing Tiffany’s necklaces and Maybelline products. We knew these people already; we went to school with them. Their moms had Mini Coopers with personalized number plates, and they were shitty people. Add that to the fact that Thirteen had come out the previous year—the film made me want to skip out on all the boring high school stuff to take hallucinogens and have my best friend punch me repeatedly in the face—and you can start to see why Mean Girls failed to capture my imagination.