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“It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within – not without.” - Hercule Poirot

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thelonelyjournal-keeper  asked:

So how'd you manage to get into OWCA, Heinz? I can't imagine they (read: Monogram) were very keen on the idea at first. And what does Perry think of this? What's it like working with him in such a different capacity?

I’m not really sure what Perry thinks, to be honest. He’s pretty quiet about the whole thing. I know he’s struggling not being a lone agent anymore, but he does seem to at least like his team. I’m mostly looking forward to when my probation’s up in a couple months and I can try for my Colors. So far it hasn’t really been too different from when Perry and I’ve teamed up before. Being a Good Guy’s pretty good so far, really. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz

🌻  Sorority big/little family traditions to start! 🌻

New Big/Little families, families who are starting over, or current families who want to add some pizazz to their yearly activities can enjoy this list for ideas and inspiration. Try new things and keep your family bonds fresh and fun. Add some new traditions to your regular routine and look forward to them being performed year after year by your descendants. Create a new family legacy now! 

🌻   15 Big/Little Annual Family Traditions: 🌻 

  • Pajamas: Each year the current GBig buys cute PJs for the family line and they all go out for ice cream together wearing their matching pajamas. (If the GBig has graduated, Big can do this instead.)
  • Picture Frames: The Big paints a picture frame with the family theme and name for her Little/Twins. For example, the Barbie family picture frame would be painted and decorated with Barbie images. Inside the frame is a photo of Big/Little or the entire family.
  • Special Event: Start a tradition of attending a campus sporting event or special performance soon after reveal. Each year, Big/Little (or the family) goes to a popular college event such as a tailgating party, basketball playoff, or concert on the green.
  • Matching Crafted Caps: Decorate brightly colored ball caps for the family. Bejewel them, decorate with bows, or add each sister’s monogram to the hats. Wear them to different greek events to show your family pride. 
  • Special Poem or Quote: Immediately following reveal, gather as a family and read an extra sentimental poem or quote. Do this year after year, so the same family sentiment will be passed down to each new Little. 
  • Give the Gift of ___: Make a family tradition of giving a certain sweet to the new Littles every year. Give giant chocolate bars, fresh donuts with sprinkles, or a bucket of customized M&Ms. Pick a favorite treat that the family especially loves and keep doing each year.
  • Love Letter: After initiation, celebrate the moment with a letter written from Big to Little(s). The heartfelt letter should express feelings about initiation and the Big’s hope and dreams for her Little(s). Make a tradition of presenting the initiation letter in a unique container that represents your family name and personality. For example, in a honeypot for the Bumble Bee family. 
  • Surprise Pamper: Surprise your new Little by whisking her off for a mani-pedi and a sparkling beverage at a nearby nail salon. Everyone gets their nails painted in the sorority colors. The annual family mani-pedi will be a much anticipated tradition. 
  • Nickname Assignment: Create a family ceremony for anointing the new Little with her own family nickname. Use a scepter and crown to officially adorn your new Little with her own term of endearment. A certificate with her official nickname may be presented to her as well.  
  • Pass Down the ___: Purchase a sorority or family mascot plush toy to pass down through the family line. It should be a representation of your unique family theme. For example, if you’re in the Duck family, you can pass down a cute stuffed duck. Yes, it may get tattered, but lots of sentiment will be represented in that plush toy.
  • HOT Dinner Delivery: Arrange for the new Little(s) to have a surprise dinner delivered by a super cute fraternity guy, college mascot, or sports star on campus. Ask a buddy to do help with this and make a “hot” dinner delivery one of your new family traditions. 
  • Annual Swap Party: Schedule a yearly swap party with your family members. Gather for dinner & drinks along with a themed swap! Everyone brings one or more things to exchange, such as books, scarves, sorority gear, jewelry, tee shirts, accessories, etc. Whatever your sisters are into makes for a fun swap. This family party would be great for your alum sisters to also attend, if they live in the area. 
  • Chick Flick Club: Establish a Chick Flick Night one evening per semester especially for your family line. Pop some popcorn, play some games and enjoy a movie night with your favorite sisters. No boys allowed. 
  • Annual Get-Away: If your sisters are up to it, plan a yearly weekend trip just for the family to frolic and have fun. A beach house, mountain cabin, lake house, or other relaxing location would be ideal. Chill out with your sisters and rejuvenate your sorority spirit.  
  • Just Because Cards: Start a tradition of sending greeting cards now and then to your Little(s) just because. This is extra thoughtful today, since most people don’t receive much snail mail. Pick up some cheerful or funny cards and mail one to your special sister about once a month. You could leave them in her house mailbox, or slip them under her dorm door, if that works better. Keep the delivery random and a thoughtful surprise. 

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