monogrammed background

I feel that the struggle for perfection is human in the most sincere way. For millennia, humans have suffered for and believed in the possibility of advancing to a higher plane, a new and better reality, a perfect self in a perfect place. This carefully crafted self ceases to be totally human, and becomes something new. A human/object hybrid.
A goddess.
And she is here.
There is a now a new divinity. She is mystical, complete, everywhere and everything, simultaneously everywoman and no-woman. People try to tear her down, to decry her as evil or, even worse, meaningless. I call her Susan Next Door.

Like many other sacred and venerated idols, Susan Next Door simplifies herself for us in the form of iconography, because she escapes definition. These symbols evoke her, and signal to the viewer that she is present.

Some of these icons include:
• A white ceramic coffee mug filled with black coffee, especially cupped in two hands
• A fluffy white terrycloth towel or robe
• A disembodied, rusty pink manicured hand, high gloss
• Abundantly filled refrigerators, emitting cold white light
• A wheeled office chair, holding a pair of seated, pantyhosed legs, wearing block-heeled pumps
• Roses or Calla Lilies, especially softly pressed against the face or lying under manicured feet
• Factory produced figurative sculptures and figurines – “décor”
• A woman in a flying leap, arms outstretched, silhouetted in shadow against a blazing sunset
• Safety garments
• Skirt suits
• A woman standing/floating, untethered, on a bright white background
• Monogrammed totes and aprons
• Wigs, especially “granny” wigs
• Pilgrimess costumes
• A clear glass of water, floating one lemon slice
• A brown paper grocery bag with one baguette, a small bouquet of flowers, and multicolored bell peppers peeping from the top
• A small circular makeup mirror, showcasing a hugely magnified eye
• Soft focus, or alternately, hyper-real sharp focus
• Hospitals that house only healthy, active senior women
• A multi-paned window with a blue gradient representing the sky
• Headsets

This list is far from exhaustive, but lends an idea. Open your mind to Susan Next Door and her iconography, and message me if you see the signs.

Thank you for this message, infact! I’m a longtime fan and follower of yours. 

🎀 cute & crafty: how to paint a sorority/preppy mason jar! 🎀

Q: Do you have any posts on painting mason jars in Lilly or anything like that? I can’t seem to find any good pictures to go off of!

A: Painting sorority or preppy mason jars is an excellent idea! A perfect big/little craft. Here are some quick DIY instructions and photos for inspiration!! 


  • Glass mason jar with/without handles or lids
  • Acrylic or Enamel paints like Folk Art or Martha Stewart
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil for tracing
  • Tissue Paper and black Sharpie for tracing
  • Computer print out of the monogram, text, design, and/or Lilly pattern sized to fit
  • Nail Polish remover & piece of paper towel
  • Krylon spray sealant

🎀   STEP 1 Clean & Prep:

  • Clean your mason jar with hot soapy water and let it dry thoroughly. The mason jar needs to be free of any residue, which can interfere with paint application and adhesion.
  • If you are painting freehand, practice your design on a piece of paper before beginning to paint on the glass jar.
  • If you are tracing a design, the tissue paper & Sharpie method will work on glass. Print your design on a piece of paper from the computer. Trace the pattern with pencil onto tissue or tracing paper. Tape the tissue paper onto the glass and trace over the lines again with a fine tip black Sharpie. The ink will seep through the tissue and leave an outline on the glass ready for painting. 
  • Alternative method: paint your solid background color first, then trace on your Lilly print, preppy pattern, or monogram outline. A lighter background color works best for this technique. 

🎀   STEP 2 Paint the Jar:

  • Paint the jar using paint brushes and sponges. Sponges are good for the broad background strokes and brushes are good for painting the details of your pattern. 
  • Paint two coats and let dry in between. 
  • Remove any stray spots and smudges with nail polish remover on a corner of paper towel.
  • When finished, let your jar air dry at least 24 hours. Follow the drying instruction on your paint bottles.

🎀   STEP 3 Heat the Jar {if needed}:

  • If your creation is decoration only, then you can SKIP this step! But if your mason jar will used & washed, you must set the paints by baking your jar in the oven. Line a cookie sheet with foil. Place the jar on its side and put inside a COLD oven set at 350F. Let the glass bake for 20 minutes, then turn off the heat, but allow the jar to sit inside for another 10 minutes. Remove it after 30 minutes total. 

🎀   STEP 4 Seal the Jar:

  • For decorative mason jars all you need for the final step is to seal the paint. Spray on a coat of Krylon clear craft sealer over the entire surface of the mason jar. And prepare to surprise your big/little with a fabulous one-of-a-kind giftie!

{photos from Pinterest & Google}
Monograms Monograms and More Monograms!

I added all the new Lilly Pulitzer prints yesterday so that puts the total number of patterns I have at 89! To be sure, you can find something you would like with your monogram for your iphone, ipad, or computer background! I can make any size you need, just tell me what you want it for and I’ll find the dimensions :) Some my most requested patterns are below and if you click the link it’ll take you to my monogram page where you can see all of the ones I have available (and if you don’t see one you like, tell me what you are looking for and I’ll see if I can find anything). Once you see a pattern you like, tell me which number it is, your MONOGRAM (first.LAST.middle) not your initials, and what size you need. 

Most requested patterns:





Want a mongrammed background for your phone, computer, ipad, or tumblr icon?

I can make ones for iPhone, iPad, computer backgrounds, facebook covers, and icons for tumblr or twitter or whatnot. Just tell me what you need it for and I’ll be happy to do it! 

Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Go to to see all the patterns I currently have. If you have a particular one in mind and don’t see it on my page, ask me to see if I can find it or you find it and save it to your computer to submit to me here:

2. Once you find a pattern (or patterns) that you want, message me (off anon preferably, I don’t bite) and tell me what number pattern you want, your initials in first.LAST.middle order and what size you need.

3. I’ll respond to you with the finished product attached :)