monogram stars

Top: Michael Stars
Shorts: J. Crew
Shoes: Jack Rogers
Nail Polish: Essie “Bikini So Teeny”
Jewelry: Kate Spade watch; Lilly Pulitzer charm necklace; Kendra Scott Skylie necklace in white/gold; Kendra Scott Danielle earrings in ivory pearl.

OOTD || Top: Michael Stars, Jacket: Painted Pink Boutique, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Target, Hat: Marley Lilly, Jewelry: Kendra Scott studs, Kendra Scott Skylie necklace, Nails: Essie’s “Berry Naughty”

Living in hats until the end of the week!  Turning in my moot court brief tomorrow and then IT’S FINALLY FALL BREAK!

P.S. It’s finally starting to get chilly outside! 🍂

Pella, Macedonia; Silver Stater of Demetrios Poliorcetes; Diameter: 26.5mm; Die Axis: 2; Weight: 17.05g

Niké standing left, on the prow of a ship, holding a rod in her left hand and a trumpet in her right; around a circle of dots.

BA-SILEW-S / DHMHTRIOU/ (IW);  Poseidon, walking to the left, viewed from behind, holding his mantle on his right arm and brandishing trident with his left hand; in the field to the right, a dolphin and to the left a monogram; behind him, a star with eight rays.
Date between circa 294 and circa 293 AC.

Demetrios Poliorcetes, the “besieger of cities,” was one of the rulers of the successor states following the death of Alexander the Great. He ruled, sporadically, the territory of Macedonia and Greece, though his reign was marked by overthrows and surprising returns.

In a poem, a hymn really, from Athens at the time of Demetrios’ return to the city, he was identified as being the son of Poseidon, the god represented on this coin. Demetrios did not shy away from association from numerous gods and goddesses. He was eager to be viewed as larger than life and more legitimate that his competitor-kings in the Greek world. They were also busy associating themselves with other gods. Alexander the Great had been linked to Hercules (by virtue of his family’s mythical history) and Zeus (through prophecy),  but other Hellenistic kings (and Demetrios himself from time to time) chose Dionysus, Athena, and even Aphrodite as patron deities.