It’s so difficult not to show you the entire design! New developments are underway for 2017! Every year Mertailor will be coming out with new and improved products and designs! Mermaid tails are like any other fashionable item! Bring on the new seasonal designs! Who’s ready? #mertailor #themertailor #mermaid #mermaidtail #fashion #fluke #sculpture #mold #summer #monofin #merman #2017 #mermaidlife

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Facing the Trend of Pools Banning Tails

A tutorial in the “Raina’s Professional Resources” series.

We’ve all been dealing with the fall out of pools banning mermaid tails for adults and kids. Our company has been working hard with the local pools to try and find compromises. We’ve heard a lot of VALID concerns about mermaid tails. It’s time to come together as a community to rise to these concerns and provide valid responses and help.
The following are tips my company suggests for dealing with these issues. They won’t solve all issues for all mermaids… but if we make a real effort to have a unified front it’s going to help in the long run.

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Mermaid Victoria

For those of you who were interested, Mermaid Victoria now has her Etsy up and running for selling her large and beautifully shaped custom monofins! Victoria has spent 5 years developing and perfecting these amazing fins! Link ➡
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We aim to inspire and create something magnificent! You can now purchase additional ornamental fins on our basic tail line! #mertailor #mermaid #mermaidtail #mermaidcostume #mermaidlife #merman #monofin #smoothon #silicone #fishtail #fishscale #mermantail #airbrush #specialfx #inspire #lovewhatyoudo #themertailor

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Clips from the Girl’s Empowerment workshop I did

I worked out for the first time in like a year and despite being really fucking out of shape I feel so much better after exhausting myself.

I really want to keep it up! I’m trying very hard not to compare my current level of fitness to when I was neck-deep in ballet and circus stuff, which is …hard but necessary. The ultimate goal is to gain back a bunch of muscle mass and improve circulation/lung capacity/flexibility. If I can keep it up for nine months straight and feel like my core strength has improved significantly, I’m going to reward myself with a mermaid tail, which I’ll make myself, complete with a monofin. 

Far from finished, but not far from creative! One of our many works in progress! We are always improving our products in order to keep above the rest #mertailor #mermaid #mermaidtail #mermaidcostume #silicone #smoothon #specialfx #littlemermaid #merman #mermen #themertailor #monofin #airbrush

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I really want to buy my first tail but when I brought the idea up to my parents, they looked at me like I was crazy. (Plus they worried about me drowning because of that one video of the kid who almost drowned, even though it was stated later that the kid couldn't swim well. And I'm way older than that kid :/) So it looks like I'm not getting my first tail anytime soon. Any ideas on things on things I can say to bring them around to the idea?

Hi! Try going the fitness route. Parents love hearing that things are good for helping you stay active. I’m not sure what age range you fall into but there are mermaids of every age, size, and skill level. As long as you’re not swimming alone or beyond your ability, it’s perfectly safe. Try to persuade them into letting you start off with just a monofin before moving on to a full tail. Most monofins are built with quick release safety features so you can take them off in an emergency. Plus your legs aren’t bound at the knee which gives you more mobility than being wrapped in a tail. Keep trying, there’s lots of summer swimming time left!