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What are your favourite exo moments? ❤ Uni anon

Good that you asked. Long post ahead!!!

exo’s first music show win

yixing’s speech at mama 2014

exo-l singing transformer when the music stopped @ exordium in mexico

when jongin forgot to leave the stage and started dancing with exo-m sdvbjerb

water attack on junmyeon

exo’s 2016 new years greeting vlive

whenever ksoos voice cracks tbh 1 2

first time performing promise @ exoluxion

exo’s reaction to winning best style award  at MAMA 2016

yixing singing monodrama ft. vocal line

winning album of the year for the first time @ mama 2013

exo-k iconic 2012 traffic safety cfs

exo randomely harmonizing

whatever this is

I ALMost forgot this!!!!!

suho and the gang stopping xing from dancing mym

the chicken game at happy camp


it’s bittersweet but… baek accidentally metioning ot11

the fancharts during this growl performance 1

exo winning artist of the year at mma 2016 and their performance :’)

encore at music shows 1 2 3 4

shinee’s reaction to wolf drama

exo playing charade

both bowling competitions skbav

Zhang Yixing

He is cute.

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He is sexy.

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He is a dork.

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He can dance. 

He can sing.

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He can rap.

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He’s a meme.

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He can play guitar.

And piano.

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And the hulusi (cucurbit flute.)

And the violin ????

He can compose.

Examples: promise, monodrama (co-composed)

And write songs.

He wrote a book.



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His smile.

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His eyes.

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His hands.

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There are many more things to be mentioned but I’ll be here forever. He’s such a genuinely nice person and I can’t understand how anyone could ever dislike him.

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Part Two