Happy Holidays from Silent Haven! Giveaway! 4,000+ Followers! 3 Year Anniversary! Official Silent Haven Website!

It has been 3 years! Wow. Its amazing how far this site has come with over 4,000 followers and over 150,000 views! It really makes me realize what a vast community Silent Hill has and reminds me why I started blogging on here in the first place. So many dedicated fans and so many loyal followers I have. So I want to reward you guys with gifts this holiday season by hosting a Silent Hill: Past Life/Menton3 giveaway! Yes all 4 issues of Past Life Very Good to Like New condition and a brand new copy of Saltillo’s latest album “Monocyte”.

For anyone who doesnt know Silent Hill: Past Life is the most recent Silent Hill comic, taking place in the mid 19th century making it the oldest story to be told in the town of Silent Hill. The story follows a violent outlaw and his pregnant wife who move from the west to settle in the native peaceful town of Silent Hill, however they soon realize that nothing peaceful comes out of their new found dream home and discover that in Silent Hill some things in the past dont always remain in the past.  Past Life features a story written by Tom Walts, who also wrote the previous comic, “Silent Hill: Sinners Reward” and also contributed to the writing behind Silent Hill: Downpour.

Past Life also features illustration work from Menton3, an amazing artist behind some fantastic graphic novels. He is also a multi-talented musician and is the sole musician behind the moniker “Saltillo”. Saltillo has released two albums, the first being Ganglion and the second being Monocyte. Saltillo is one of if not my favorite industrial, trip-hop instrumental artists that I enjoy listening to over and over again. Menton3 is also one of my all time favorite oil painters who also plays cello, viola, Banjo, violin, guitar, drums, piano, and bass as well as a slew of electronic synths on Saltillo’s albums. Monocyte is an amazing concept album that coincides as a soundtrack to his graphic novel of the same title. The album takes you on a dark, intense, atmospheric and emotional journey with some songs featuring a male narration and female vocals heard on his previous record. Saltillo is just an all around amazing artist who is multitalented and Monocyte’s atmospheric and heavy beat backed with weeping violins only leaves me wanting more. The album really has a very creepy atmospheric ambiance to it and works well as even a soundtrack to his Past Life comics! So listen while you read!

To enter giveaway just complete at least one of the steps in the raffle widget below and your name will be entered. The more steps completed the more times your name is entered meaning the higher chance you have of winning this sweet prize! You have till Dec 18 to enter. I will draw a winner at random and make contact by e-mail and or facebook. Good luck everyone!

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Ps. If you haven’t noticed I have change Silent Haven’s layout and logo! I have a layout being worked on at the moment that should offer some very useful tools for all my followers being tracked from around the world. I hope to have an updated layout running after the new year so keep an eye out for that. I also have an official domain now! ( so is it ok to call my blog an official website? I think yes!

Thank you guys so much for another amazing year and thank you again for following!

Monocytes & macrophages - Minimalistic info

“Monocytes are the late-comers but they are here to stay. This everyday cell moving in blood transforms into a larger phagocytic cell in extra vascular tissue, the macrophage.” What you need to know about this warrior -

What does a monocyte look like?
It has a kidney shaped nucleus.
It has abundant pale blue agranular cytoplasm.
Does that mean no granules? @_@
Yes, no granules.

What is the function of a monocyte?
By a process called chemotaxis, they reach extravascular tissue within 48 hours inflammatory process. They recognize and eat up just like neutrophils.
They transform into a bigger cell, the macrophage, in extravascular tissue.
Macrophages have the potential of being activated, a process that increases cell size, levels of lysosomal enzymes, active metabolism & ability to phagocytose (which makes them a bad ass killing machine).
In short lived inflammation, macrophages eventually disappear. However, in chronic inflammation, macrophage accumulation persists.

What is the normal monocyte count?
1% to 6%

Test yourself:
Which mediator transforms epitheloid macrophages into giant cells during granulomatous inflammation?

Answer here.

That’s all!

I finished reading Monocyte by Menton3 and Kasra Ghanbari.

(these are just a few scans I took from my copy of the hardcover)

Verdict: Masterpiece!

I would love to experience a day inside the mind of Menton3. I have this theory that he is a wizard that absorbs the talent of the world and stores it inside his mind, fingertips… and possibly inside that cool beard of his. I’m afraid I may get a brain hemorrhage from how much his talent blows my mind. He truly is an amazing artist. 


Well, I just read the second issue of Monocyte, and I’ve got to say it was just as stunning, unsettling and perversely beautiful as the first, but I think storywise it vastly surpassed its predecessor. Where I saw the first as a work of art, and found it hard to get past the morbid visual splendour of it, I really started getting into the story more with this issue. Anyone who isn’t already reading it should go and get it now. I just wish I could find my copy of #1 - I showed it to a lot of people, and I think I might have lent it out, but to whom I’m not quite sure…

Bone cancer cells. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of bone cancer precursor cells (orange). These cells are monocytes, immune cells that circulate in the blood prior to entering tissues where they develop into macrophage cells. Several macrophage cells will later join together to form a large, multi- nucleated cell called an osteoclast. Osteoclasts are normally present in bones but can become cancerous. They can develop into a giant cell tumour (osteoclastoma) or osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that usually affects the ends of the long bones. Magnification: x3000 when printed at 10 centimetres wide.