Happy Birthday @josay

He is an informant. This is not to exaggerate - he is but one man. He is by no means anything like a hero, nor can it be said that he is a villain. Nor is he nothing. He is only true. He is eternally obedient only to his own desire’s. Humans. He is determined to continue loving the good and the bad of the masses that are included in this world. He simply just loves humans. Because even if the result of his love causes his humans to become broken, the informant can still love these broken humans equally.


4 monocrome notebook icons

My first icon pack! I made these pretty monocrome, so I’ll do small customizations to them if requested (remove shadow, change color scheme, different background, etc). 

Don’t claim as your own, and a credit somewhere would be appreciated (seriously I didn’t watermark these but please please don’t steal any of these)

EDIT: because these are 400x400 you’ll probably get better quality if you save them onto a laptop/computer or just take a screenshot