monocle draws things


Oh no it’s that time again! Commission time. 

I’m working 2 jobs and still having trouble getting on my feet after leaving home. Commissions are fun for me to do in my spare time, and they help me get better at what I want to do for a living. Plus, it’s always nice to be able to stack away some money for my eventual transitioning needs! So here we are.

Unfortunately I cannot draw anything NSFW for you. I don’t have the right skills to do that yet and I don’t want you to pay me to “try.” The result would be laughable. 


  • Bust- $20
  • ¾- $30
  • Full- $40
  • Detailed Painting- $45-$60 depending on what you want. See bottom two examples.
  • Uncolored sketch- $15
  • Uncolored Lineart- $25-$30
  • You can add in extra character for $10 each.

Please remember that I reserve the right to up the price if your request is excessively detailed (lots of armor, mech limbs, etc), and you should always discuss this with me before assuming your piece will be the base price. I will do OCs, but I would prefer it if you had references. Characters from shows/games/etc are fair game. If i’m not familiar with the character, I will most likely ask you to provide references. I am also allowed to refuse a commission if it makes me uncomfortable.

Send me an ask if you’re interested in commissioning me! I will open 5 slots, but I won’t ask for payment until I am ready to begin your piece. If your ask isn’t answered within 24 hours, please send it again!

Even if you can’t buy one, it would be awesome if you could boost!

Thanks guys!