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monochromenoir  asked:

I have a kpop question for you that you can probably answer honestly. What do you think of Mblaq's new video and why it's not very popular? Since you're and Ft Island and shinee fan you can probably give me a better answer than other mblaq fans.

Very good question. First off, I really do adore MBLAQ, and pretty much every MBLAQ stan I know is an amazing person. I should start off by saying this is an opnion piece and to not (this goes for everyone reading this) get all butthurt over it. It is just an opinion which I choose to express. I don’t really know how popular it is or how many people like it, because most people I follow love it. With this being said it is obvious that there are always those people who just dislike it entirely. Therefor I will say the goods and bads.

First off, the good aspects that could draw one to the MV. The song is great. I love their voices, how they mesh. The underwater part of the music video is pretty unique and pretty awesome to look at. Obviously their appearance is very easy on the eyes. The dance is well danced and they put a good amount of emotion into it.

I could go on and on about why this MV and song and band is great, but because you wish to know why it is not I shall tell you (my very picky views).

One of my number one complaints is the screen time. If someone is anti-joon/G.O., then they probably won’t like this MV as much as the next person. As well if someones bias is Seungho, Mir or Thunder (not so much Thunder because I generally see a lot of him in this) then they also may not like this video because of the lack of screen time they have. I didn’t have that much of a problem but if I was a hardcore stan I probably would.

The overall feel of the music video is also mildly reused in my eyes. The colours, the backgrounds, the rain, they’ve all been done before. I know this is a shitty reason purely because many bands/artists have used this type of concept before, but I still add it on as a reason why. If someone has watched tons and tons of MV’s, then they may find this mildly boring and repetitive.

People could also say this is a rip off of other MVs. With the slowmo crying in the rain (like SHINee’s quasimodo), the colours (mentioned again because I can), the odd but still cool costumes (after school, even though they are a girl band it is still odd but cool. I can mention guy groups too but this is the first thing that came to mind was After School’s “Because of you”), people could write it off as one of those “been there, done that” type MVs if they wanted too. Of course, that is all up to the person.

Another problem could be the fact that some people may think the dance and the music don’t match up. I find the dance very hard hitting and energetic even though it is a slower, sad song. It can confuse some one’s view on what they are trying to portray despite the sad looks on their face. A big part of an MV is to tell a story. Some don’t, some do. I personally expected a song with such passion to have a story line, however this went more Lucifer, Oh Yeah, Bonamona etc with just the singing and dancing and stills and closeups of certain members. I expected something more like Y, but hey, maybe that’s just J-Tune’s way of doing things.

Also, on the topic of a sad song, I found the MV in general quite energetic with the constant changes in angles, views etc. When I personally listen to a sad song and watch an MV, I never expect to see some slower scenes with less screen changes. Again, personal opinion.

I find the eye makeup a bit excessive. I for one am always team eye makeup, (I mean I am a Shawol look at SHINee and all that eye makeup they put on, seriously) however I found this to be a bit too much. I thought it was absolutely stunning, however it took away from other facial features and was mildly distracting.

Again with the costumes, they aren’t overly weird or simple or anything. They are pretty much clothing that you would expect to see in a KPOP music video. To be honest, at the beginning when I saw the first scene I almost immediatly remembered After School’s “Because of you” (mentioned it once, will mention again). This is only because of the white and black contrast between the background and costumes. Of course they aren’t copying After School, because of many MV’s like that. I mean, there are so many songs, concepts etc out there. It takes a huge amount of work to figure out a new one.

The final reason is the most simple; they could just not like MBLAQ. Their style, their flare, they could be antis, they could not like their music, their looks. For whatever reason they do not like MBLAQ, if they do not like them they most likely wouldn’t like a video by them either.

Once again I will reiterate the fact that even though I can see these thing in the MV, I still really do like it. These are just possible reasons why one could not like the MBLAQ video.

EDIT: for an unbiased MBLAQ stan, you can read this in response to my answer. Also, she is the best MBLAQ stan there is so I would ask her if you want anything  about mblaq!