“Having just finished college, Lynette attempts to pursue her dream of being an artist. A few years and misunderstandings later, little devil Eliza partners up as they both do their best to get into the art business from nothing.”

An Original Web Comic Idea by DShou
4-Koma/Comic Mix, Slice-of-Life Comedy / Modern Fantasy

Shou got inspired by the multitudes of web-comic series Japanese comic artists tend to do. It’s not always about the quality of the work so long as the writing does well so I’ll be doing my best in that regard, and it’d be good practice for (anime-style) humans.

Projects are always hard to do, the hardest part is following through to the end. So I wanted to make a story about the hardships artists (of our caliber) tend to go through, but also in a fun little fantasy way while we’re at it.

I hope to have more news on this project idea later, but please tell me if you think the idea is interesting or not … !