monochrome blooms

What’s in the signs’ dreams

Aries: Soft sun rays hitting the face like a soft kiss, Hilltops coated with the fragrance of flowers, A subtle feeling of solitude despite being in a crowd

Taurus: Pictures scattered across the wooden floor, lipstick stains on empty wineglasses, Falling for the same mistake twice 

Gemini: Chasing someone with no valid reason why, The leaves changing from their lush green to a portrait of red and yellow, Interlocking hands 

Cancer: The inescapable feeling of missing something and not knowing what that thing is, Tears of happiness or tears of sadness, Back floating across an endless sea 

Leo: Fireworks illuminating the darkness, Sitting on top of the mountain to watch the sun rise, Seeing someone from their past that they tried hard to forget about

Virgo: The excitement of first rainfall and tracing the drops of water fall down the window, Traces of amber that follow from looking at the sun for too long, Rose gardens filled with a scent of love and death

Libra: Tracing the stars in hopes of finding a forgotten constellation, Falling endlessly, Curling up into a book you haven’t read in a long time

Scorpio: Racing home before the sun is chased away by the darkness, Dying and being reborn multiple times, An unspeakable sensation of fear that results in a cold sweat 

Sagittarius: The end of the world, Monochrome landscapes blooming into life with the advent of color, Dystopian cities with no one in them 

Capricorn: Reliving a regret from childhood, The sound of swing sets and chirping birds, A lavender flower surviving the coming of a storm

Aquarius: Strong gusts of winds coming in to destroy indiscriminately, The smell of petrichor after heavy rain, Syrupy pancakes on a  Sunday morning 

Pisces: The subtle and comforting glow of the moon, Moths and insects marching into a candle’s fire, Blowing the dust off old objects and uncovering the past 

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