monochrome 21

11/21 ▪ Monochrome study guide for my stats test tomorrow. It might not be illegal to give a test the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, but it is definately morally questionable.


does anyone remember when I painted Markiplier in coffee? well guess who felt like trying something new.

Started watching Daredevil on Netflix and the second I saw this idiot I knew all hope was lost. James Westley as played by Toby Leonard Moore in India Ink and Merlot (Admittedly very cheap merlot, sorry bby!)

I have a few more ideas, but if anyone has a person/character they want to see painted in something (dark/colored alcohol or drinks work best but i can work with anything that will leave a mark on paper) let me know.

I was thinking about selling them at cost (price of materials only with no profit) and accepting donations for a couple LGBTQ+ support organizations. would anyone be interested? also does anyone know any good organizations to donate to?