monochrome !!

“An introverted person obviously affected by her past. Lived alone, had no sex life, had difficulty getting close to people. Kept her distance, and when she let loose there was no restraint. She chose a stranger for a lover.” – Stieg Larsson

Alone in the underground of Toronto, Canada.

© Kevin Charles Ward

  • GWS!weiss to blake: listen so like i'll understand if this is a stupid date idea because honestly i'm only suggesting it because i wanna go-
  • blake: go ahead i'm sure it'll be a good idea :)
  • weiss: okay cool do you wanna go to seafood market with me on frida-
  • blake, already on the phone to kali: MAMA WEISS JUST PROPOSED I'M GETTING M A R R I E D

Fading Away

No edits, except crop. This ghostly self-portrait came into view as I waited absent mindly for an elevator. As soon as the elevator doors opened, the apparition vanished. iPhone 6.