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Morning lovelies!😁 I wanted to share my painting “Twizzler” for #throwbackthursday! 😄 This piece is an homage to the human mind and how we merge the person we are on the outside with the person we are on the inside. ❤🖤 When I was a teen I wasn’t confident. 😔 I remember feeling like there were two of me, the inner me that was wild and emotional and bombastic and the outer me that was physically not attractive. I felt the outside didn’t reflect who I was on the inside. ☺🙃 Over time I learned to merge the two and not give a hootenanny what anyone thought of me! 😆😝 Who cares if I have bad hair or pimples or dressed like a clown ‍‍🤡 (like literally I had a wardrobe of striped shirts and vests!😂) I know what it’s like to feel like the world doesn’t understand you, but in the end it turned out that I just needed to live life for myself and not let the other people’s opinions shape my world. 😊 I let my freak flag fly and now I’m surrounded by the best and most amazing weirdos that love me for me. 💖 If you ever feel like there are two of you and the world doesn’t get you don’t worry, I’ve been there! 🙋 Just remember to be you and spread positivity and love into the world. ❤ Since she’s a special piece for me I have her up on my Custom Print Shop. 😀 If you go to you can choose from over 50 images and custom request your print size, paper type, and if you want it signed or unsigned. 🤗 I hope you lovelies are liking the print shop options and have an awesome day! 😚❤

heaven’s only a sin away pt. 1

Originally posted by rapnamu

pairing: taehyung x reader

word count: 4k

chapters:  [ pt.1 ]  //  [ pt.2 ]  [ pt.3 ]  [ pt.4 ]  [ pt.5 ]  [ pt.6 ]

themes & genres: fluff, angst, angel!au & more to be revealed in later chapters

warning(s): mentions of blood


Wake up, haul Jungkook’s ass to school, doodle with Jimin in class, go home (preferably before dusk sets in), and sleep. Rinse and repeat. That was life as you knew it; a little mundane and slightly uninteresting. Or so you had thought, until a certain golden-haired stranger shows up mysteriously on your doorstep, devoid of memories he could call his own.

And said stranger made you do the strangest things, but you never find yourself complaining.

A whisper. 

“That’s him, the one who had sinned." 

And a flash of the purest white, contrasting sharply with the darkest scarlet. 

He was the very epitome of beauty; the embodiment of grace itself, a fine specimen in all his splendor. A pair of alluring eyes and a sleek jawline, topped off with the elegant slope of his nose, made him the textbook definition of perfection. But alas, his beauty was marred by the scatterings of bruises dotting across his cheekbones, and his face was ashen, the only color being the crimson running down his jaw and over his eyelids. 

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Created By NynaeveDesign

Altara Study

Created for: The Sims 4
Widespread simplicity characterizes this study room that mixes modern monochrome with pops of color to stylish effect.
Objects in this set:
Office Chair
Desk Corner
Mobile Organizer
Desktop Computer
Books (Vertical and Horizontal)
Ring Binder (Vertical and Horizontal)
Stack of Ring Binders


A small, monochrome colored gem had just popped out of her hole in the Prime Kindergarten.  She was tiny for her kind and was a little on the chubby side.  But was dressed in her gemtype’s attire.  A crop top with a v-neck that bore Pink Diamond’s insignia, white knee-high boots, and a pair of shorts with frills along the waistband.

Black Star stretched her arms up into the air and yawned.  Tiny, oval eyes gazing around at the brand new scenery.  But then, they stopped to eye the pink gem in front of her.

Permanent. Tattoo Artist!Luke Part 3

Word Count: 1.8K

Rating: PG 14


Masterlist | Ask  PART ONE PART TWO

a/n so i’d like to thank everyone for their time for reading everything i write. You’re amazing. I’d like to take this moment to RETIRE Bartender!Luke. I loved writing it. But I feel I’ve left it at a good place for everyone. This series, I love writing, and I have a whole plan for our favorite tattoo artist.I hope you’re all lovely. Feel free to leave some requests/ideas/feedback in my ask. Link above. xo


After Luke and Y/N moved in together, everything seemed well between them. Luke kept his promise when it came to cooking, or doing the dishes. He would do anything for her to smile. He even learned how to cook her favorite meals. After multiple trials and errors, he finally got it right. He lived alone for a long time before Y/N moved in. He was used to all his clothes being on the ground and shoved under his bed when she spent the night. Now, his clothes were all folded neatly into drawers or hung up on hangers. His apartment didn’t smell of old pizza anymore. It smelt of roses, clean linens and a mix of several different candles. Luke didn’t even know what a coaster was, but now he can’t put his beer down without one. Even with all these minor changes, Luke couldn’t live without them. He couldn’t live without her.

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Gwen Stefani out in Los Angeles on January 3, 2015.

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It’s Azure Thing

Vibrant Blues For Spring, That Is

When it comes to spring dressing, color is key! And one brand that definitely gets it right is Ted Baker. I’ve always admired the brand’s use of geometric patterns and prints and their love of bold colors - two things that are definitely up my alley when it comes to my own personal style. This spring, I’m definitely all about these vibrant hues and here’s an outfit I put together to showcase my favorite shades of blue. I paired a slick pair of teal trousers with a bomber in a darker shade of bright blue, and a pair of lowcut sneakers in a navy suede. I chose a patterned yellow crewneck to copmliment the blue tones in this outfit and break up the monochrome look with a pop of color. If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe’s color palette this spring, then check out the selection at Ted Baker. From May 7th - May 8th, Ted Baker’s kicking off their Spring Customer Event across all Ted Baker US & Canada stores and online where you can shop the collection at 20% off. In addition, Ted stores will be offering artisanal drinks, complimentary gifts, and an in-store DJ from 6pm - 8pm so definitely stop in to your local store for #Teds20.


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anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm new to the fandom, and I was wondering: why does Natasha keep her hair red? I mean, as a spy, it would make more sense for her to use it brown, a more common color, that attracts less attention. A ginger spy sounds at the very least like an unnecessary risk. Also, I know that in her earlier appearances she had black hair. Could you tell me when and why exactly that changed? Thanks!

The most important reason is that superhero comics are not really about making more sense. Natasha’s hair was black back when she used to wear opera gloves, or fishnets, when her outfit was much more visually complicated.

The daring, dazzling, dangerous Black Widow!

When she switched costumes to a solid black jumpsuit in 1970, her hair turned red— this is largely a design decision that adds some pop to an otherwise monochrome look. The colors of a Black Widow spider are black and red, and in comic books, in the coloring techniques and limitations of the time bright reds and yellows were very possible but browns and subtler colors were more difficult to render.

As you can see, at first they just tried to pretend her hair had always been red. Remember: comics are not about making sense. But fans wrote in to Marvel about this pressing hair issue and Marvel editorial responded in Amazing Adventures #6:

As far as the color of her hair is concerned— you may not have known this, but Natasha’s natural color is auburn. She dyed her hair black when working for the Soviet government, so as not to look frivolous on such a serious mission. But now, in an attempt to forget the past and start anew, and particularly to keep in tune with the times, Natasha has returned her hair to its rightful hue.

Natasha’s 1970 costume change indicated a new direction for the character: she cut ties with SHIELD and the Avengers and set off to become Marvel’s first solo superheroine. Emphasis on the superhero. After leaving her country, and renouncing her old cause, Natasha was still twisting her life to prove her loyalty to the Avengers, SHIELD, the good guys. It made sense for her, in the fallout of her defection, to want to start over, and try to just do good. And the new costume was part of that— the first one had been assigned to her by her old, evil boss monsters, and the only part of it that she got to decide was the mask.

Her new costume didn’t have a mask, and while that makes zero sense from a narrative perspective (remember, comics), it makes a bit more symbolic sense. Natasha, now, was throwing away the masks, doing without disguises, choosing her own causes and embracing her own identity. She washed the dye out of her hair.

And she kept it that way, too, even as she’s drifted back into espionage. She’s still a superhero, after all, not only a spy, and that means she can’t simply blend into the page, she has to leap off of it. She needs to share panels with Thor and Captain America and not be completely overwhelmed. Natasha’s long hair isn’t practical, exactly, but it helps give her a defined silhouette and can convey movement in otherwise static panels. There’s always room for wigs or makeup or hi-tech genetic camouflage if she needs to go really undercover, and her comics do use those sorts of devices pretty freely. And if that doesn’t make enough sense for you, remember that she’s fought a lot of battles so that she doesn’t always have to disguise herself, so she can let her true colors show.

Panels from Tales of Suspense #57 and Amazing Spider-Man #86.