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Morning lovelies!😁 I wanted to share my painting “Twizzler” for #throwbackthursday! 😄 This piece is an homage to the human mind and how we merge the person we are on the outside with the person we are on the inside. ❤🖤 When I was a teen I wasn’t confident. 😔 I remember feeling like there were two of me, the inner me that was wild and emotional and bombastic and the outer me that was physically not attractive. I felt the outside didn’t reflect who I was on the inside. ☺🙃 Over time I learned to merge the two and not give a hootenanny what anyone thought of me! 😆😝 Who cares if I have bad hair or pimples or dressed like a clown ‍‍🤡 (like literally I had a wardrobe of striped shirts and vests!😂) I know what it’s like to feel like the world doesn’t understand you, but in the end it turned out that I just needed to live life for myself and not let the other people’s opinions shape my world. 😊 I let my freak flag fly and now I’m surrounded by the best and most amazing weirdos that love me for me. 💖 If you ever feel like there are two of you and the world doesn’t get you don’t worry, I’ve been there! 🙋 Just remember to be you and spread positivity and love into the world. ❤ Since she’s a special piece for me I have her up on my Custom Print Shop. 😀 If you go to you can choose from over 50 images and custom request your print size, paper type, and if you want it signed or unsigned. 🤗 I hope you lovelies are liking the print shop options and have an awesome day! 😚❤


Moodboard// Miss Jupiter

       How does one describe Miss Jupiter? A perfect mix between monochrome and chill colors with pops of pastels and glitter. If all else fails, put glitter on your eyelids. She is a 60s-70s babe who loves rollerskating in her free time and probably grooves to The Beatles, Kiss & any Disco music she can get her curious hands on. Her favorite places to eat at are usually a diner or somewhere different. She loves pizza. To her, you can never go wrong with a pizza and cherry cola to drink. In her free time, she enjoys journaling, watching films and shopping. She isn’t afraid to try art. Her dream car is a Volkswagen Beetle, preferably silver so she can nickname it her UFO. Jupiter can never stay in one place, she loves the outdoors and adventuring. To her, life is an adventure. She loves rainbows, most notably rainbow striped sweaters. And she is a prideful lesbian who has a thing for Miss Mercury. She isn’t afraid to express herself and let others know who she is. The ruler of Sagittarius.

lcnelymccn  asked:

"So if you're the pussy matsu. Does that mean you like to lick the pussy?" ((:) Ilu hun))

              The purple Matsu brother simply slid his hands into his pockets as his black eyes looked over to the giant for a brief moment. There was only a few pops of color on this usually monochrome colored man but the orange did definitely suited his hair, especially with how it flowed backwards. A simple downward motion of the shoulders was made by Ichimatsu. He responded, “Possibly.

Permanent. Tattoo Artist!Luke Part 3

Word Count: 1.8K

Rating: PG 14


Masterlist | Ask  PART ONE PART TWO

a/n so i’d like to thank everyone for their time for reading everything i write. You’re amazing. I’d like to take this moment to RETIRE Bartender!Luke. I loved writing it. But I feel I’ve left it at a good place for everyone. This series, I love writing, and I have a whole plan for our favorite tattoo artist.I hope you’re all lovely. Feel free to leave some requests/ideas/feedback in my ask. Link above. xo


After Luke and Y/N moved in together, everything seemed well between them. Luke kept his promise when it came to cooking, or doing the dishes. He would do anything for her to smile. He even learned how to cook her favorite meals. After multiple trials and errors, he finally got it right. He lived alone for a long time before Y/N moved in. He was used to all his clothes being on the ground and shoved under his bed when she spent the night. Now, his clothes were all folded neatly into drawers or hung up on hangers. His apartment didn’t smell of old pizza anymore. It smelt of roses, clean linens and a mix of several different candles. Luke didn’t even know what a coaster was, but now he can’t put his beer down without one. Even with all these minor changes, Luke couldn’t live without them. He couldn’t live without her.

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LOTD: Gwen Stefani

Get her head-to-toe black and white graphic look 

If you ever want to play with patterns and prints, look to Gwen Stefani’s funky style for inspiration. While out in Los Angeles, she wore a head-to-to-black and white outfit (even in her accessories!), but didn’t stick to simple solids. She mixed her polka dot top with Chloé checked crepe trousers and finished off her look with her matching Quay sunglasses, black Christian Louboutin studded boots and white Chanel leather bag. To give her monochrome look a pop of color, she put on her signature red lip. 

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Gwen Stefani out in Los Angeles on January 3, 2015.

Boxy Polka Dot Top

ASOS Jersey Peg Pants In Grid Check

ILLESTEVA Leonard 2 stripes

Barry Bootie

Chalk White Shaggy Deer Mini Falabella Bag

Audacious Lipstick

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It’s Azure Thing

Vibrant Blues For Spring, That Is

When it comes to spring dressing, color is key! And one brand that definitely gets it right is Ted Baker. I’ve always admired the brand’s use of geometric patterns and prints and their love of bold colors - two things that are definitely up my alley when it comes to my own personal style. This spring, I’m definitely all about these vibrant hues and here’s an outfit I put together to showcase my favorite shades of blue. I paired a slick pair of teal trousers with a bomber in a darker shade of bright blue, and a pair of lowcut sneakers in a navy suede. I chose a patterned yellow crewneck to copmliment the blue tones in this outfit and break up the monochrome look with a pop of color. If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe’s color palette this spring, then check out the selection at Ted Baker. From May 7th - May 8th, Ted Baker’s kicking off their Spring Customer Event across all Ted Baker US & Canada stores and online where you can shop the collection at 20% off. In addition, Ted stores will be offering artisanal drinks, complimentary gifts, and an in-store DJ from 6pm - 8pm so definitely stop in to your local store for #Teds20.


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