I got new blinds and sheets today! Which is cool because both were in desperate need of replacement, especially my blinds from all the years of me smoking right beside them. As for the art, the four Homestuck prints are from Lia, the top two colored prints are from Lexxy, and the six drawings in the protectors are from Sou. The bracelet hanging up above them was a gift made for me by Shunn.

monocerata replied to your post: I saw Oz: the Great and Powerful tonight it??? was…

so would you say 5 out of 10 or alternately just wait till it comes out on video ?

I’d give it a solid 5.5 out of 10 like?? it was nice it was funny but the jump scares ruined it for me so if you like those go for it!! 

The way they did it was good because it reflected the original movie and the start of it was p cool with the old style black and whit elike? it was well done just the…jump scares