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Donar Vadderung

I’m reading this series called I bring the fire, and what makes it interesting is that what happens with the God’s is very twisted and skewed by the time it gets to man.

Let’s take that as truth for this theory, Norse mythology talks about how Valkyrie take brave warriors and making them Einherjar. We seen these Einherjar and Valkyries in the stories so they exist. The purpose is they are to train for Ragnarok, the end of the God’s and creation for a time. Odin does everything he can to prevent the war but he also knows it’s to be and he can not change fate, only delay it.

Now let’s consider that some truths have been twisted coming down to the mortals. Odin knows the outer gates are about to open, and he does everything he can to be ready for it. His Einherjar are ready for war and train for it, his Valkyries I’m sure are recruiting more, and he taking a special interest in a young man in Chicago.

I’m sure he does not need money, yet he hires his men out to Marcone, why? I wonder what big role he plays at the gates. He gives Marcone a Valkyrie to be a body Gard (see what I did there) for magical defence, he rents out his Einherjar for monster raids and later for a long term station. Maybe it’s all for a single phone call Gard will make, and at no cost to Marcone for the debt.

Harry then goes to Asgard, or the top floor of Monoc security, and the advice given is free to Harry, something that from what he charges Marcone must be rare. Of course at this point this is the first time we see Vadderung in person 12 books in, but his influence is felt far earlier.

Again in Cold Days, Vadderung meets with Harry at the pub without charging Harry enough money to make him choke. Yeah that is odd for sure and gives more advice to Harry for free? Why? We also meet him as santa, epic twist of events, and learn two things that are different and yet the same. Gruff, Erlking and himself once where known by other names, later revealing himself as Odin. We also learn that things can change on Halloween night including mantles.

First he directs Harry to become the winter night in Asgard then on the island he hints that mantles can change. This is very interesting indeed, what did he see on the tree about Harry Dresden.

Now I’m going to take a huge step back and talk about one law of magic for wizards, and it’s about time manipulation. We know that paradoxes are dangerous within this universe and so it’s a crime that’s punishable by death. But what about God’s, the merlin cannot kill Odin because he is not mortal, of the white council or subject to them. But if he is bound by that law too how does he help Harry become the force needed to fight the war? Just like the Gatekeeper he does it subtlety.

The next time we see Odin he again is playing Kris Kringle and helps by giving advice to Harry while with Queen Mab about the con game, again giving Harry more power.

We already know Harry has power over an outsider, due to his circumstances at birth. That he is going to be the key player for the gates of outer night and keeping them closed. But what if Odin also say that battle and called it Ragnarok. His foresight into the future on the tree showed him Harry Dresden, and for the next thousands of years worked his hardest to manipulate everything behind the scenes to give Harry the best chance for facing Ragnarok at the Outer Gates.

A Dresden Files Theory

Recently, two facts I had previously known independently of each other came together:

  1. There is a large population of people from Scandanavia (particularly Norway) in the Midwest, primarily Minnesota.
  2. Canonically, in the Dresden Files, the Viking berserkers were lycanthropes.

What this means, I think, is that the Midwest, and especially Minnesota, would be swarming with lycanthropes. I mean, berserkers would, likely, teach their children how to become lycanthropes, and some of these would immigrate to the US, bringing the tradition of lycanthropy with them. There are 1.6 million Scandanavian Americans in Minnesota, more than a fifth of its population. If even 5% of them were lycanthropes, that would represent 1% of the population of Minnesota, or one in every hundred Minnesotans would be a lycanthrope.

This would probably be more than enough to challenge any supernatural threat to the region. Big cities would have whole families of lycanthropes who patrol the streets and smaller cities would probably have at least one or two. They’d be able to do for Minnesota what Harry does for Chicago.

I like to imagine they’d all be incredibly Minnesotan, too, and speak in a heavy, heavy accent. Because it would be amazing. Especially if they still keep in contact with Monoc Securities. Seriously, that would be great.

Unexpected Debt || Murphy x Vadderung

Karrin Murphy was the epitome of pissed off. She had figured an idle question or two would be harmless, just chit-chat with the head of Monoc Securities. What could it hurt? She hadn’t expected him to… to… fae her. She was feeling stupid, and tricked, and it really, really pissed her off. She never should have started speaking to him. He’d been so cordial that she’d forgotten who she was dealing with.

When she got to the offices she had a bloody lip and fire in her eyes. Turned out he hadn’t been kidding about Sigrun being authorized to ‘use force.’ And the pop to the mouth had taken some of the fight out of her. It wasn’t worth it to get her ass kicked by a Valkyrie. She would just go. He would…probably… not do anything awful to her. Maybe.

All the same, she was furious that he’d dragged her literally across the world and as she walked into the gorgeous office waiting area as Sigrun closed the door behind her she couldn’t help feeling the desire to start flipping tables just to be petulant.

She dabbed her palm against her lower lip absently, the stupid thing kept bleeding and that just pissed her off more and more. Blue eyes glanced around as she stood with planted feet. “I’m here,” she announced to empty air, “I feel like that satisfies my debt.” Karrin turned and headed back toward the door she’d walked through, ready to walk her ass to the nearest airport and just buy a ticket back to Chicago.

Petulant, thy name is…

beware-the-secretaries, monocintern )