Seriously, though: if the two-wheeled version, “bi-cycle”, is a “bike”, and the three-wheeled version, “tri-cycle” ,is a “trike”, then logically the one-wheeled version, “mono-cycle”, could indeed be a “mike”. However, some fool went and decided to call the one-wheeled version a “uni-cycle” instead, so following the same principle, the short form ought to be “uke”. Which… hmm.

EDH/Commander Guilty Pleasures

I wanna know everyone’s EDH/Commander’s guilty pleasure decks. Basically a deck that you know it’s very strong but you love to play it anyways.

Or even too strong but you love it anyways.

I’ll go first and give everyone an Example:

Mono Red Wheels!
One day I’ll make this deck good enough!

Ok let me hear what your guilty pleasures are!