apparently one of my friends from high school has placed second in the nation on the us gymnastics team for cyr

fucking fuck all these talented people i’m fucking friends with

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It was 2011 that the Ryno electric unicycle began making news. Three years later, the news is that the one-wheeled commuter transport vehicle is shipping: head to the Ryno Motors site and you can pick one up for $5,295. If you’re the type that always has to try the extra toppings, then you can upgrade to lithium-ion batteries “for an additional fee” and get the Ryno Rack for $169.95 to make portage on your one-humped camel a little easier.

A refundable deposit of $150 will get your name down for one of the first units, said to ship in the second quarter of this year. Coastal habitation is suggested since you’ll have to pick up your toy at a dealer, where you’ll get some “brief training” in how to ride it. Ryno says the “high-volume production run” will happen late in the year.

The Ryno has a range of ten miles and a 12 mile-per-hour top speed. It’s street legal, can be charged at a regular home outlet, is safe for use on sidewalks and recently stopped by the Popular Science offices to be taken for a spin. You can watch the tech guys try out the front half of the Batcycle in the video below.

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One of my favorite forms of dance/ art/ circus: the Cyr wheel.

euro-minions asked:

My Polo's currently on Spax springs and shocks just having a little hooning fun, they really do help handling compared to being slammed. I've swapped the interior. Mono Benetton f1 wheel. I've got my new wheels and good tyres to go on tomorrow. And then I'm working on a secret/custom built front bumper. I'll get coilovers at some point just they need to be custom made. So I'm getting everything else done first.

You gotta show the world when it’s finished bro. Most definitely. Sounds sweet.

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