BAC Creates Graphene-Bodied Mono

BAC is the first manufacturer in the world to develop a car featuring panels made from graphene, the innovative and lightweight material that brings weight and strength benefits. 

BAC has partnered with Haydale Composite Solutions to create rear wheel arches made out of graphene, and has been putting the material through its paces on the Mono, the world’s only road legal single-seater supercar.

Graphene is made of sheets of carbon just one atom thick, and is significantly lighter than standard carbon fiber. It is also stronger than carbon fiber, meaning that it can bring weight reductions of around 20% while being 200 times stronger than steel. These benefits could have implications for cost, performance and fuel economy.

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Forgeline president, Dave Schardt, was recently named Honorary Commander of the 445th Airlift Wing, at Wright-Patterson AFB. We are very proud to support the 445th, and we were very honored to spend last weekend with the hardworking men and women of the 445th, at their cruise-in! We drove a couple of our own project cars and shot several cool photos (more of which are more yet to come). See more of our C7 Z06 on Forgeline one piece forged mono block AR1 wheels at:

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