mono island


So its been a while. I fell of of the bandwagon of health and then was like run over by a herd of elephants. Okay, anyway so I’ve been reading up on mono diets (you eat one food at a time, could be a mono meal, mono day, mono week, mono month, mono mo fo year. Well, probably not that long…) The reason for eating only one thing at a time, is to simplify digestion. So basically, after researching this eating style for a while, a feeling so poorly about the way  my eating habits had digressed, I went to a produce wholesaler, and bought a crate of oranges. (which is SUCH a great deal) OH- also my body was inflaming and yelling at me for how poorly I was treating it, dry peeling skin around eyes and mouth, and dark circles, as well as poor digestion and elimination. 

So I began yesterday, March 18th by eating oranges. I felt great yesterday and feel fantastic today! Its crazy, I’ve been in a great mood. It could be a combination of the coming of spring, (its been raining…) but I just feel fantastic and happy, open to others, accepting, etc. I’ve been getting along with one of my housemates great (we have a tense relationship..). Yesterday I ate about 20 oranges, which probably is not nearly enough to meet my caloric needs, so I’ll increase that amount today. 

My skin is clear, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? One and a half days on eating juicy, sweet, vibrant oranges and my skin has healed? For years I’ve been pasting my face with ointments, coconut oil, and shea butter, with the hopes that it would (and typically did) clear up. Buttttt because my digestive system is like- oh hollar all I have to do is excrete this one juice to break down these beautiful little oranges, I have so much extra energy for, well, life I guess (and my body healing my skin.)

I don’t have a big plan on how long I’m doing this mono island for (THATS WHAT ALL THE MONO PROS CALL IT, hahah how cute is that. So basically I’m on a mono orange island, people also go on mono banana islands, etc etc) But I’m thinking probably around 5 days, all depending on how I feel. But as of day 2, I feel wonderful.