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So its been a while. I fell of of the bandwagon of health and then was like run over by a herd of elephants. Okay, anyway so I’ve been reading up on mono diets (you eat one food at a time, could be a mono meal, mono day, mono week, mono month, mono mo fo year. Well, probably not that long…) The reason for eating only one thing at a time, is to simplify digestion. So basically, after researching this eating style for a while, a feeling so poorly about the way  my eating habits had digressed, I went to a produce wholesaler, and bought a crate of oranges. (which is SUCH a great deal) OH- also my body was inflaming and yelling at me for how poorly I was treating it, dry peeling skin around eyes and mouth, and dark circles, as well as poor digestion and elimination. 

So I began yesterday, March 18th by eating oranges. I felt great yesterday and feel fantastic today! Its crazy, I’ve been in a great mood. It could be a combination of the coming of spring, (its been raining…) but I just feel fantastic and happy, open to others, accepting, etc. I’ve been getting along with one of my housemates great (we have a tense relationship..). Yesterday I ate about 20 oranges, which probably is not nearly enough to meet my caloric needs, so I’ll increase that amount today. 

My skin is clear, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? One and a half days on eating juicy, sweet, vibrant oranges and my skin has healed? For years I’ve been pasting my face with ointments, coconut oil, and shea butter, with the hopes that it would (and typically did) clear up. Buttttt because my digestive system is like- oh hollar all I have to do is excrete this one juice to break down these beautiful little oranges, I have so much extra energy for, well, life I guess (and my body healing my skin.)

I don’t have a big plan on how long I’m doing this mono island for (THATS WHAT ALL THE MONO PROS CALL IT, hahah how cute is that. So basically I’m on a mono orange island, people also go on mono banana islands, etc etc) But I’m thinking probably around 5 days, all depending on how I feel. But as of day 2, I feel wonderful. 

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Some of your old blogs say that you overcame metabolic damage instantly and lost all the weight in first year or something. Why did you lie??

 No I did not lie nor did I say I “overcame metabolic damage instantly”…however I can see how some good ppl MAY be confused. As always people will cherrypick a snippet from a blog or video and use that against me without considering the whole history.

The heaviest weight I’ve been in my life was around 70-73kg. I go between 50-53kg now. I was a yo yo when I came to the raw vegan lifestyle so my weight was never stable for longer than a few months. 

In the first 1-2 years or so on this lifestyle I did a lot of water fasting, mono-fruit island, rode my bike across Australia and also got a staph infection where I ate almost ONLY watermelon for 3 mths. Essentially starving myself so after initially gaining weight on the lifestyle I then lost weight via strvation.  I would then celebrate, post about it, and pose for photos for the internet because I thought I had lost the weight forever. Yaaaaay! WRONG. 

The weight loss happened so quickly essentially through starvation (plus my metabolism was still unsteady) so predictably I started to GAIN all the weight back each time I lost (As I even said in my blog that my weight fluctuated during first few years). At the time I didn’t want to post about the gain on the internet Why? Because I desperately wanted to inspire girls to try the lifestyle and get them off the eating-disorder merry go round and have confidence in this lifestyle. I knew the weight gain wasn’t exactly inspiring and I was trusting the weight gain wasn’t forever. I didn’t want girls to have any doubts because even though I had gained weight I KNEW this lifestyle was the answer and that I would heal my metabolism eventually. 

During the weight gain I was somewhat ‘in hiding’ lol and of course didn’t feel like posing for pics and when I did I would hold the camera on certain angles and get the skinniest angle possible. Us girls do this all the time right? Yep and we are good at it! I also carry more than 40% of my body fat on my LOWER body so I would always post my upper because it looked better, inspired more. People I lived with at the time in Adelaide could see & verify a time when I was carrying considerable extra weight in 2009 (approx 2 years after starting the lifestyle). But again my weight fluctuated up and down after that and never was really stable until around 3 years in when my metabolism was much healthier. People would ask me why I was ‘so fat’ as a raw vegan but they didn’t understand the past I had come from. Some like my friend Darrick were shocked when they met me in real life because I looked so much leaner online.  Again, I wanted to inspire!     

Here is a video from the end of my bike trip, July 2008. I had lost weight during the trip as I was under-eating, dehydrated and riding daily. I took pics during that time which I posted showed me looking somewhat lean in the mid-section however 1) that’s not where i carry the majority of my weight 2) that was after many days of starvation, dehydration & riding. 3) Angles, lighting.

You can see I’m carrying a lot more weight in that vid and it’s impossible to JUST carry all the weight in my face and not also the rest of my body proportionally. Pic below is example where you can see the difference in my face and body proportion. Lean one is a big difference in the face!

After I started “re-feeding” and somewhat relaxing after the ride the weight started to come back because I tried to cheat my body and starve it into weight loss. Here is video proof of this from July 2009 (my friend Darrick can verify this timeline as he took the video), he can also verify my size/weight at the time.

So there is a timeline for you.  Every year after that I have pretty much gotten leaner, more sculpted and super consistent with my weight. These days my metabolism is healed and healthy to the point that its even hard for me to put on weight and NO I do not do crazy amounts of exercise (which fitness friends will confirm). Thanks to the high carb vegan/raw till 4 lifestyle I currently weigh between 110lbs and 114llbs and have been this for years. I’m happier and healthier than ever. 

The haters will probably pick at this too but I’m used to it! People always take me out of context and cherrypick my life experience to suit their agenda but at the end of the day I LIVED it! I’m here to inspire and I will continue to do that regardless of who tries to drag me down to their level. Thanks to those of you who can see that I’m only trying to HELP girls around the world become their true self! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE MAKING VIDEOS/POSTING ABOUT THIS THX

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Are dates fattening? If i eat 20 for breakfast, they are really high in calories, my daily calories would be almost completed

Nooo they are not fattening, NO sweet fruit is fattening. Calories themselves are not the enemy here you must understand this, it’s the source of calories i.e. high fat foods which will add effortlessly to your fat stores. Stick to the sweet fruits and starchy plant food calories and you will lean right out in time. Once I had over 400 dates in one week (mono date island) and got leaner. Most importantly you have to shift your focus from superficial fat/weight loss to getting fitter and healthier or trust me you will be frustrated and out of shape for life