mono beat


@dreadnought-despair I told you I’d do it~

plus the two most beautiful, lovely ladies ever

Hi I’m a cute nerd at fnm. 

Went 2-1, not bad. Im still on my Abzan hype train, won’t leave it till Anafenza rotates.

 Game 1 beat Esper Dragons, 2-0. Curved real well and had the nuts. 

Game 2 lost Esper Aggro, 1-2. Flooded the first game, tempo’d the 2nd, stalled out when he was at like 5 on 3rd match. 

Game 3 beat mono-w, 2-0. Went real hard on curve, then saw 3 rhinos back to back to back second game, my precious babes. 

But my winnings were crap and crap. :( 

Still cute tho.