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that-girl-named-serena  asked:

Does Mono count as a Boss Monster?

There are a few qualifications to make a Boss Monster:

  • Their souls persist briefly outside of their body after death.


  • They only age when their offspring ages.

Now, this brings up two HUGE problems:

  1. Mono’s soul is a hard soul. Black, crescent moon shape with a singular helix swirl wrapped around it akin to a barbershop pole, the inside of the soul yellow from determination like a jawbreaker. If you killed him, his soul would still remain there. Just a lifeless soul.
  2. Mono is incapable of procreating. He’s got no ability to create children. Destined to be the first and the last of his species. The folly of evolution.

In short: Monochrome can’t be a Boss Monster. He’s also too nice to hurt anyone, so expect a very long, boring fight because his defense is ungodly. Wail on him for hours and pray to god Paperjam and Omni don’t notice their son’s beating.

Hi I’m a cute nerd at fnm. 

Went 2-1, not bad. Im still on my Abzan hype train, won’t leave it till Anafenza rotates.

 Game 1 beat Esper Dragons, 2-0. Curved real well and had the nuts. 

Game 2 lost Esper Aggro, 1-2. Flooded the first game, tempo’d the 2nd, stalled out when he was at like 5 on 3rd match. 

Game 3 beat mono-w, 2-0. Went real hard on curve, then saw 3 rhinos back to back to back second game, my precious babes. 

But my winnings were crap and crap. :( 

Still cute tho.