Friends! A minor mystery solved; the poor unfortunate CC who had to deal with Kit “What are you looking at I’m wearing swim trunks?” Fisto was according to Wikipedia named:


I don’t know why the double N, but COME ON of course a guy named MONK is going to have issues with his Jedi going naked. Headcanon reinforced!

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ALRIGHT LET'S GET THE PROMPT RAPID FIRE STARTED. "That's starting to get annoying" with hm hm hm- Kit Fisto! (I would like to know what it takes to get the cool guy to loose it. Or. Nearly loose it.)

Oh man, what have I done… xD 
Still, this was… kinda hard? Because I think it’d be really hard to piss off Kit Fisto but still, I tried.

“Sir, we’re almost to Pho Ph'eah,” Monnk spoke up as he walked up to the General, who was meditating in the back of the transport ship.

“Thank you, Commander. I shall meet you once we land,” Kit spoke up, eyes closed as his head-tails levitating in the air with his use of the Force.

“Understood,” the soldier gave a curt nod before closing the door and leaving for the hanger.

Fisto remained in his meditation for a minute longer, calming himself. This mission was… not to his taste. A mercy mission on a planet which hated the Republic – or more specifically, the clone army. It’s why there were so few of them on this ship. The mission was mostly up to the Jedi, but his men are close if needed. With a deep, calming exhale, Kit opened his eyes and his head-tails gently dropped down.

“Sir, everything is ready,” Monnk walked up to the Nautolan once he came closer.

“Good, then let’s get this over with,” Kit nodded, bracing himself as they landed.

Once the doors open, they were all met with the sight of a battle-torn village in the mountains, the natives moving away the rubble of their homes. But there was more than just that.

“Hey, those are our soldiers!” Fling called, seeing the white armor and the bodies littered all around. Many were actually piled up somewhere, some even without the armor, just left to rot or something.

“…” Fisto narrowed his eyes slightly before seeing that the natives have spotted them.

“…Republic dogs,” the apparent chief hissed, glaring at the clones. The Pho Ph'eahians were humanoid bipeds with four arms and bright blue fur. The chief was distinct from the rest by a necklace around his neck and the trophies on his weapon staff.

“Monnk, unload the supplies,” the Jedi said quietly to the Commander, who only nodded and pulled Fling, Rocket and Poz into the ship for the crates.

“Greetings,” Kit forced a smile as he walked closer, seeing the natives glaring at his men. “We have come to assist you.”

“Assist? All those… things, have done, is bring war, death and destruction! We asked not to have any of them set foot on this planet!” the chief growled, pointing his staff at the soldiers.

“The Republic responded to the Separatists attack. We did not being the war – we simply ended it here,” Fisto frowned slightly, but remained calm. “Also, these men saved your people.” He was one of the apparently few Jedi Council Members who respected and took care of their men.

“Don’t try to justify those monsters to me! They’re not even real people – they’re weapons. And what do weapons do? Breed war and cause death!” the chief actually threw his staff at Poz, and hit him on the head.

“What the kriff?” the man asked, blinking in surprise as he rubbed his head.

“Get off our world, lab breeds! We do not welcome your kind!” the rest of the natives started yelling as well, tossing different items at the clones, from rocks to helmets.

“That is starting to get annoying.” Kit actually frowned, both hands extended to where his men were as he stopped the objects flying at them with the Force.

“Commander Monnk,” Fisto locked eyes with the chief, as the natives looked in awe and horror at the still-flying items. The called soldier turned his head to the Jedi, tense as he held the crates.

“Simply leave the crates here and return to the ship. If our help is not welcomed here, then we shall not intrude.”

“…Yes sir,” the Commander nodded as he turned to his brothers. They all set down the few crates they unloaded and returned to the ship, the thrown objects still in the air.

“You will not help?!” the chief suddenly accused.

Kit’s eyes narrowed as he moved his arms and all the items turned around, facing the natives who threw them. A wave of gasps and even some screams came from them.

“We offered our help and you rejected it. Just because you may not like who is offering the help, does not give you the right to show such hostility towards them,” the Jedi’s words were hard and he held the items for a second longer, before simply releasing them and watching as they all dropped to the ground.

“Perhaps next time, you will show gratitude to those who show assistance,” Fisto turned around and walked to the ship, ignoring the shocked expressions of the natives.

Just before he stepped on, Kit used the Force to lift some torches by the village and move them towards the pile of bodies. It only took seconds, for the dead men to be lit aflame. Not a proper burial, but still, they deserved to be left at peace.

“…Thank you, sir,” Monnk said as Kit passed him, the ship taking off. “For what you said and did back there.”

“Do not take what they said to heart, Monnk,” the Nautolan set a hand on the man’s shoulder.

“I don’t, sir, but still…” there was a pause. “It makes me wonder if that’s really how many see us…”

“The thoughts of others who do not respect you, should not matter. Only those of people close to you should,” Kit gave his iconic smile.

“That’s true sir,” Monnk smiled back. “I’m just glad our brothers can rest easy now as well… I haven’t seen someone do that to them.”

“Neither have I. And let us hope we do not see it again.”