A Lady of the Fae [@monmouthking]


Whenever she was allowed to do one of the patrols, it was always Midsummer, when the most exciting thing that happened was that one of the patrol members occasionally forgot to bring back the right plant for a noble.

Na'Raea, or Sigyn as she preferred to be known (Na'Raea was a formal name only to be used in ceremonies, by her tutors or by her mother when she did something “improper”), was the daughter of the twelfth lord, known as Kingswood by his peers, Na'Lassa by the servants and Darach (or on the rare occasions she was annoyed at him, Dair) by his wife. It was largely because her mother insisted that the human realm was no place for a high born Fae that it had taken Sigyn this long to convince her father to visit at all, so now she was finally allowed to go on her third patrol… and she was combing the forest for feverfew.

That is until a herd of stampeding centaurs - no, she corrected herself, human riders - rushed past chasing a white stag.

White stags were rare enough in the Fae realm of Avalon, and Sigyn knew that sometimes they game to this realm in search of new grasses. So she followed, catching up with ease and opening hidden pathways that the stag alone could follow, occasionally dancing to distract the hunters from their quarry in the hope that they would find a dancing girl a little more interesting than the Stag they were hunting.

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‘Come on Cally!’ the Doctor shouted from the console room. ‘Just a second!’ she shouted back eagerly as she adjusted the light blue dress she had just put on. For once she wanted to fit in, just like she actually belonged there. Well she didn’t speak old English… but the TARDIS would translate it wouldn’t it? She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled, she was so thrilled to discover this time period. After two trips on other planets, she was glad to come back to Earth.

She left the wardrobe room and rushed forward to the console room. She found her friend waiting beside the doors, hands in his pocket, smiling slightly. Cally returned his smile and came up with him. He waved his hand towards the entrance and her grin widened as she understood he was giving her the honour. She pulled the door and stepped outside. She was hit by the sunlight and the rumble made by the passers-by.

‘Welcome to the early fifteen century!’ the Doctor said eagerly. ‘Hundred Days War; Reign of Henry the Fifth. Victorious unexpected winner of the battle of Agincourt with six thousands men to eighteen thousands, brilliant! Righteous and wise King; he did a lot for England. He would have become King of France if he didn’t die before, sadly.’ ‘Yes Shakespeare wrote about him.’ Cally answered as she looked around at the street full of people.

‘Yeah…  the master is better at writing than at doing public expression.’ he retorted, recalling their encounter back when he was travelling with Martha. ‘Really?’ she asked curiously. ‘Not his best moments.’ They started walking in the street, leaving the TARDIS in a little alley and talking about the advances of this century.