monmonde  asked:

I loved the Damon & Stefan dynamic when they were on Save Elena mission but it bothered me so much that when Stefan was alone with Aaron he immediately made Damon look like the worst being ever. I just wish he would've "protected" him even if he didn't understand or wasn't okay with it. But it's his BROTHER! Ugh this makes me so angry!

Couldn’t agree with you more.

I really like the way they teamed up and worked together. They have a common goal and a certain way of handling it. Damon even let Stefan be the kind of bouncer in a way when he was spewing threats. They worked well.

… and then Stefan had to ruin it. 

Granted Damon didn’t hear it but still. It sucks how Stefan considers Damon evil and wrong when he has his own misdoings (which may be considered worse). Elena had the good way of viewing it. She saw the action as wrong but she understood the motive behind it. Stefan didn’t even have a reaction to his brother being tortured for 5 years. Yet Damon made sure in S1 that Stefan got saved when he was being tortured by the tomb vamps. I’m pretty sure there were no qualms about their deaths.

I’m just really over the Stefan-the-hero-glasses everyone seems to have put on. Even characters that don’t know Stefan or Damon still seem to see Stefan as the hero and Damon as the villian. Damon even see’s it that way. 

From the beginning Stefan has said how evil Damon is and how he’s made his life hell and yet besides what happened with Vicki and the things he’s done to save other’s… I kinda don’t see that? I’ve seen the evil Stefan’s gone through… I’ve seen how he was a ripper… how he forced his brothers hand into vampirism…. how he blamed Damon for leading him astray when all Damon was trying to do was help him…. Yet I see nothing that Damon could’ve done to earn Stefan’s hatred of him except in the ease in which he handles being a vampire.

Vampirism makes all these actions very grey. All our characters have dark and light within them. Elena even stated she’s done wrong things. 

I just wish all this misguided hate towards Damon would stop. Our poor guy has such a shitty self-esteem because of it and he’s honestly such a flawless broken character. I need someone (preferably Elena or Stefan) to remind him of all the good that he’s done. Because he’s made the tough decisions so everyone of them could live. And when someone in the group did wrong (Elena killing off the hunter or Kol and all the vamps he sired to save Jeremy, or Caroline killing all those witches by saving Bonnie, or Stefan and his ripper antics) he never held it against them or threw it in their face. 

I’m just so over the Damon hate. Especially when it comes from holier-than-thou Stefan who has his own closet full of victims.