Freshman year film final, with Karina Farek

it feels soooooo good just to draw for myself again

wip of fanart for child of light’s main character, Aurora!  I beat the game recently and started a little bit of the new game plus, and i highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the classic JRPGs or anyone in general!  I’m gonna start a side project of drawing the party members as if they were wearing their expected class outfits.  Aurora is totally a paladin, so she gets cool gold gauntlets and grieves and pauldrons etc

Lately every time I try to draw on Photoshop it randomly stops working, and I have to force quit the program.  So I’ve been very frustrated since I want to practice painting on my Cintiq.

Anyway here’s a doodle of Emi from Katawa Shoujo with part of her head cut off because I could only get a screenshot instead of saving the actual image.  It seems a little cruel especially since she’s already an amputee.  I haven’t finished any of the other character’s paths because honestly I don’t like their personalities, only Emi’s.  Well I did finish the bad ending with Kenji where Hisao is just a negative little shit.

I miss drawing super moe girls.