Full Name: Sylvan Rain
Skill Level: ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭
Preferred Disciplines: Monk
Why You Should Fight Them: "Do not. Seriously, don’t. Sylvan Rain is out of your league. She’s in a league so high up the ladder, it consists of only one person, and that person is Sylvan Rain, which she earned by beating Sephirot in an armwrestling contest. Did you know that she is called the Godfist? As in, Fists of God? As in, HAS LITERALLY PUNCHED GODS?

If you are challenging Sylvan Rain to a fight, I can only conclude that you have never been knocked unconscious before, and wish to experience the sensation as efficiently as possible. And honestly, I respect the hell out of that. I changed my mind- fight Sylvan Rain. You haven’t got a prayer of winning, but if you’re challenging her, you probably already know that. Do what you gotta do. We’ll have an ice pack ready for you.“ - Jude Paw


Cicada shell up close

This was a very difficult shot, using a full set of add on magnifier filters and mounting the camera upside down on the base of the tripod so I could get the lens 2 inches off the ground in line with this paver. Then lying in the dirt holding my breath whilst pulling a nice sharp focus with a depth of field of about 1mm. And after 15mins of set up and still with enough natural light beaming through the gap in the lattice, I managed to get this with one shot.

Canon EOS 300 • M • Canon EF 28-80mm • 6x magnifier filters • Kodak ELITEchrome EBX • ISO 100
Processing and Scanning in-store @ Photo Continental, Brisbane • 2006

Parakerake Bay - Whatuwhiwhi - New Zealand - 2003
(Whatuwhiwhi pronounced - Fa-too-fee-fee)

In 2003, I did a massive 5 week tour of New Zealand from northern tip of the North Island to the very southern point of the South Island. So there will be a fair few film shots from NZ in my past film photos that im posting. 

Camera: Canon EOS 300 (film)
Setting: Manual
Lens: 28mm - 80mm
Film: Kodak Ektachrome 100iso Elite Extracolour 135 36exp
Processing: Instore
Scanner: Instore professional @ Photocontinental Brisbane
Date: 2003 
NOTE: No digital touching other than resize to 960 x 626 Bicubic


Coniston Lane - Brisbane - Its where the Party at. Monkwhy - Resident VJ.