I will eventually clean these up but just thought you should see Noise Neku XD I have this whole story line plotted out where somehow Neku, because of his connection to the UG and RG, gets infected with a noise. Eventually the noise takes over, and Joshua has 7 days to try and find it to stop and heal Neku. By the time Joshua realizes what happened he looks like this, and in the end once he defeats the noise and cure’s neku, he adjust’s neku’s music so things like that wouldn’t happen again.

I am so in love with this design. I’m making a poster out of it, like a really nice poster. 

Art(a) Monksea

Practicing drawing Holland because he is a friggin cutie who just wants to jump off of buildings all the time (Don’t worry, he’s an expert in parkour!). Inspiried by this song: and if you can find the exact part of the song that inspired this photo then I’ll give you a cookie <3

Holland is getting up there with Lea on my attention hog character list. In fact they are tied for 1st place.

Here, since I did this for the other 2 here are some facts about Holland:

- He is an insomniac, also his bestfriend is Narcoleptic (A very fun friendship XD )

- He is a master at parkour

-He is such a trickster

-He has lucious strawberry blonde hair

And yeah! You’ll prolly see more of him later on

Holland © Monksea