monks on fire


‘Araya Flamefist hails from a monastery deep within jagged and forbidding Spine of the World mountains, where discipline and attaining balance of all four elements is valued above all else. Her eagerness to prove herself in battle and tendency to seek out combat whenever she could was what ultimately saw her sent out into the world to recruit new acolytes for the monastery. Together with her raven Tenzin, her elvenphant Kyoshi and a group of adventurers that are almost family to her, she now battles the Cult of the Dragon… or Dragon Club, as she has taken to calling them.’  

~ This engaging fire genasi Monk was commissioned by the gratuitous Charredlore, for one of his adventurers.

‘Located within the North Ward of Waterdeep, just off to the side of the High Road, lies Lingrim’s Lustrous Loot – a shop that sells magical weaponry, armor and trinkets. It is owned by Grimhildur Goldenshield and Aralinathra Syolkiir: an incredibly enthusiastic Dwarven lass with the most marvelous of crimson beards and her long-suffering, tall and graceful moon Elven wife, respectively. They were all too glad to finally find a group of adventurers that they could sponsor in return for a hefty increase to their revenue. Contracts were signed, garbs and armor enchanted with their insignia, and off into the world Araya and her friends went to foister faintly sparkling pamphlets onto just about everyone.’   

 ~ This fancy shield belongs to the OC’s of Charredlore. A crest design in the distinctive golden ‘Dwarf-Deco’ style in combination with a stylish purple ‘Elf-nouveau’ (or ‘Elvendstil’ if you like) eye, if I may be so bold to label the styles myself ;)…

Authority Problems

I’m in a party with a dragonborn fighter, an earth gensai Druid, a frog, a bird monk, and a Fire gensai cleric (me). We are all about to defend a major city from a host of goblins that’s about to charge the gates. The leader speaks out above the crowd.



DM: *cracking up* “roll for intimidation”

*rolls nat 20*

DM: You all hear sobbing ring out over the tense crowds.


You’re all fangs and claws and sexual organs set to “ATTACK” and you’re just a shadow stalking through the dark and what am I but a victim and where am I but being squeezed between your teeth? 

Are you here with me, or are you here to put me down? You’ve got that look in your eyes that says you’re looking for trouble, or maybe at it. 

Are you hungry or is your plan to chew me up and spit me out? Are you going to take me on, and take me down, or do you just want to put me up on a high shelf and leave me to rot? 

I’m gifted with your presence when you’re around. Time with you reminds me of the reluctance to leave the bed. You’re warm at the centre and cold around the edges. You’re edgy and you’re edging me out of the bed, inch by bloody little inch. 

All you need to do is call my name and slip your leash around my neck. I’ll follow you anywhere, so long as you’re willing to drag me along. 

Break before the endless tide!

I really wanted to practice painting seriously, but couldn’t think of what to draw. So I had a friend name a character at random! It was fun!