Happy International Women’s Day! I know we have so many beautiful artists in our fandom, so excuse me if I forget many others, the important thing is that today it’s the international women’s day, and I wanted to do this with all these incredible ladies.



Decided to combine two of my passions, Yogscast and Magic: the Gathering! Tried to make the cards feel like the characters as much as possible. All artists included on card.

UPDATE: Added Smiffy and a set symbol

D-D-D-DOUBLE UPDATE: Second batch is here and third is here


It’s that time of the year, ladies and gentlemen! Thought I’d do something nice for people and make neat Christmas decorations for your blogs. These are the only ones I have as of now, but I am willing to make more, but you’ll have to provide a picture. (It’s so difficult to find one and choose for you.)


All fandoms are welcomed.
No NSFW pictures.
Minimum of 3 pictures.
What you’d like them to wear: Santa - Elf Hat/Antlers/etc

Click here for more info.

‘I still can’t believe he’s not coming back…’


'I know, I know, I am not blaming you. It’s just. I wish I could have been there.’

'Nobody could have saved him, Tim.’

'But I wasn’t there. I wasn’t even there to try.’


Merry Christmas, kaciart!

Your originally intended partner got pneumonia and was unable to complete your present. I tried to fulfill your wish as best as I can as a substitute, Julie!

I hope you had wonderful holidays and a happy New Year!

♥ your Santa, monkeyscandance