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Jigokudani Monkey Park - Japan

Jigokudani, meaning “Hell Valley”, is famous for its population of Japanese Macaques. During the winter, when snow starts to fall, the monkeys head down to the valley, to take advantage of the natural hot springs. There, the steam and boiling water keeps them warm. During the summer, most monkeys return to the surrounding forest areas, although many still remain by the hot springs. 

Japanese Macaques are born into a strict social class system. Groups have an alpha male, which changes whenever the alpha male dies or leaves the group. Female’s can maintain or achieve a higher social status, by grooming their peers.

Evfra De Tershaav (bath time)

I have this very clear headcanon where Evfra likes to relax at the end of the day in a nearly scalding hot bath. Like he has a very large bathtub in his place.

I kinda got the idea because he’s from Voeld, and maybe there were hot springs near the daar he lived in. Sort of like those snow monkeys that like the hot springs.

So he takes really hot baths to relax because it reminds him of those good times on Voeld back before his family was ripped away from him and he never saw them again.


Satoko: Don’t worry. Sitting in a hot spring will relieve your anxiety.
Mario: Yeah.
Satoko: There are separate baths for men and women. So we will not go in together.
Mario: Okay.
Satoko: Remember to rinse your body before bathing.
Any questions?
Mario: Just one.
Mario: Where are the snow monkeys?

Satoko: Shinpai naidesu yo. Onsen ni tsukaru to fuan ga yawaragemasu yo.
Mario: Hai.
Satoko: Otoko no hito to on'anohito o furo wa wakarete imasu.
Dakara watashitachiha issho ni wa hairimasen.
Mario: Hai.
Satoko: Yubune ni hairu mae ni karada o nagasu koto o wasurenaidene.
Shitsumon wa?
Mario: Hitotsu dake.
Mario: “Yuki no saru” wa dokodesu ka?

聡子: 心配ないですよ。温泉に浸かると不安が和らげますよ。
聡子: 男の人と女の人お風呂は分かれています。
マリオ: はい。
聡子: 入浴する前に体を洗ってください。
マリオ: ひとつだけ。
マリオ: 「雪の猿」はどこですか?

scarletsalamander  asked:

Gamboge - Where do you want to travel? Flax - Do you like going to the beach? Sky Blue - Would you ever want to fly? Periwinkle - Would you want to breathe underwater? Pink Nectar - What’s your aesthetic?

1)Gamboge - Where do you want to travel?

I want to go to Japan. I want to see Tokyo and, preferably, LIVE in Tokyo (I love big cities) – but I also want to wander through the forested mountains, and I want to go up north to Hokkaido and see the hot-springs monkeys!!!! Did you know that the hot-springs monkeys have a matriarchal society, so only the females are allowed to get in the springs after a certain age?? They have super rigid social roles and I’m fascinated by how intelligent they are and how much their societies mirror human ones

I also want to go visit all the fucking geek shops that exist in Tokyo, so sue me. IS THAT SO BAD????

2) Flax - Do you like going to the beach?

You guys do not even know Q__Q I spent most of my preteen and teenaged years convinced I was a merperson (apparently that’s really common for trans people – when we don’t identify with what we have in our pants, we identify with people who don’t even HAVE pants). But also, in general, I fucking LOVE swimming, and one of my most vivid memories involves my dad screaming at me because I went way too far out to sea chasing a sea turtle and he was terrified for me but THERE WAS A SEA TURTLE OK AND I COULDN’T /NOT/ FOLLOW IT

3) Sky Blue - Would you ever want to fly?

My childhood desire was to be able to breathe underwater, but flight is the second fucking best thing. The sheer thrill of it would make my life worthwhile.

4) Periwinkle - Would you want to breathe underwater?

I just told you that breathing underwater was my childhood desire, but I was fucking serious about it. I was lucky enough as a preteen/teen to get to go snorkeling and eventually scuba diving with my family, and there is fucking nothing like it in the world.

Fun fact though, the one thing I’m truly frightened of is ocean that I cannot see the bottom of. I have this all-encompassing TERROR of mythical ocean creatures like the Kraken, or maybe a Sea Serpent, and every time I’m on a boat and can’t see into the black depths of the water, or if I’m underwater and can’t see the sand or coral on the bottom, I start panicking because THAT’S WHEN THE KRAKEN WILL GET YOU

(Once upon a time my family had a little boat (my grandfather was a small-time fisherman and seal hunter (sorry, all newfoundlanders, everybody hunted seals at that time Q____Q)) and I hated getting onto it, and all boats, and my parents thought it was weird until at 18 I confessed my kraken phobia, and my mom was finally like, NO WONDER YOU HATED GOING OUT ON THE BOAT WITH US, and I was like, GOD FUCKING BLESS YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING, YOU CAN RARELY SEE THE OCEAN FLOOR WHEN YOU’RE ON A FUCKING BOAT)

4) Pink Nectar - What’s your aesthetic?

Hot, badass, explicitly gay dudes having sex????

Ladies in armor that covers their entire bodies, especially their vulnerable parts. ESPECIALLY when they’re in love with other ladies!!!

Ancient and silent forests where hardly anything dares to venture

Badass ladies watching over awesome dudes as they have sex, to protect them from any danger???

Any beautiful scene with Nature and No Humans

(Thank you for all these questions!!! I am very pleased :DDD)

Sarumi drama translation: The whole world sinks except him and me


Rough translation of the Fushimi Saruhiko x Yata Misaki’s drama CD (28/01/2016 on sale through Animate): The whole world sinks except him and I.

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**May upload the audio if anyone needs it but probably someones has uploaded it already so yeah XD (being lazy)**

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