monkeys heed

sataneatspretzels-deactivated20  asked:

I'm into heavy/death metal, so why do I love your guys' music?

wow, tumblr user sataneatspretzels, that’s a very deep question.

Possible Answer #1: maybe you’ve realized on a subconscious level that life can’t always be about heaviness and death. even a rough and tumble headbanging rage-spirit such as yours will require an occasional balancing out. the soul craves levity, sometimes. thus it has drifted toward the comforting confines of a milder, more love-oriented genre. let it bask for a while in the nonthreatening glow of a happy and hopeful world. there’s no need to be angry or violent anymore, my friend. relax. you’ll fit in just fine. the mosh pits here are really just glorified hugging contests, so embrace this literally and figuratively. don’t worry, heavy/death will still be there waiting for you afterwards. it’s too heavy/dead to run away, you see. it is where it is. stationary. you, however, are infinitely mobile. free to roam wherever your lil rock’n’roll heart desires. yours happens to desire Arctic Monkeys, so, heed it! the “WHY?” of this doesn’t matter. no explanation is necessary, because your heart always speaks the truth. just make sure to listen very carefully… sometimes it whispers.

Possible Answer #2: because why the fuck wouldn’t you love Arctic Monkeys’ music?