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for the flower prompt thing: xeranthemum (eternity, immortality) for ASL :D (coincidentally to celebrate the spoiler from op magazine ahahah oh god)

ALL FOR ONE // xeranthemum; eternity, immortality // aka my take on Oda’s Marineford AU, where Sabo saved the day (and all our hearts)

There are things that last forever.

“Are you still crying?”

An impressive frown, its attempted severity ruined only by the wobbling of his lower lip, before Luffy ducks his head. “Shut up! I’m not crying.”

“There’s snot running down your chin.”

A sniffle – a loud, wet sound. “No there isn’t.”

Ace sighs. “Jeez. It’s just a scratch. Makino-san even put a band-aid on it.” Then, under his breath, “Not that it was really necessary – it’s not like you were bleeding to death.”

Hands wrapped protectively around his knee, as though contesting the necessity of the band-aid was understood as a declaration to remove it, “It still hurts!”

Life hurts. And you’ll get worse injuries than that if you want to go out to sea. You can’t go running back to Makino-san for band-aids then.”

Luffy turns his nose up. “I’ll get a good doctor.”

“Yeah? To patch your knees?”

“Shut up!”

“Stop crying and I might.”

“Seriously,” Sabo sighs, drawing their attentions. “I’ve been gone five minutes.” A look at Luffy then, and with his brows knitting, “Are you still crying, Luffy?”

Ace sticks his tongue out, grinning. “Told you.”

Hands still wrapped around his knee, Luffy levels a glare at them both. “I’m not crying.”

Sabo tilts his head. “There’s snot all over your shirt.”

Ace’s laughter punctuates his point, and when Luffy pouts, he reaches out to ruffle his hair, pushing the straw hat back and out of his eyes. “Idiot,” he says, but it lacks bite. The band-aid on his knee is coming loose, and Ace rubs one corner until it sticks. “We won’t be around to take care of you forever, you know.”

Luffy wipes his nose – lifts it, defiant. “I know.”

“So you better learn to take care of yourself.”

“I will.”

“And stop crying.”

“I have.”

“And to put on your own band-aids, like a big boy.”

That does it. Luffy pounces, and they both go down, rolling across the dirt. Observing the scuffle, Sabo sighs, ever the long-suffering, but points are counted, and redacted, and comments on form are offered, unasked-for (“you really need to improve your aim, Luffy”, and “Ace, you’re suffocating him. Ace–”). Makino’s band-aid comes off, and Ace gets a mouthful of dirt for his trouble – gives one in turn, along with a grinning headlock that has Sabo stifling a sigh with his palm.

But Luffy stops crying, and by the time they’ve reached a truce (Ace wins, he always does, and he never lets him forget it), the cut on his knee is forgotten, and instead of tears it’s laughter that colours the air, bright like the dappled sunlight dripping through the branches.

Because a big brother has his means, his small ways, and they always, always work.

There are things that last forever. The memory of dirt in his mouth, and the sun through the canopy, warming his back. Blond curls. Patched knees. An old, worn straw hat. Sabo laughing; Luffy crying.

Years pass – his life shifts, twists and turns and tides changing, but he remembers all those things. He is a captain, and then someone becomes his; like he had a father once, and then he chooses another. But he doesn’t forget – he never forgets, Dadan’s rough hands, and Makino’s softer ones. A cabin full of bandits. Sabo. Luffy.

And what it means to be someone’s brother.

It all happens so fast, it doesn’t register at first.

He makes the decision – it doesn’t take him long, not even a full second, and he knows it’s going to be his last, but he doesn’t care, because it’s his little brother, and he would be his first choice, and his last. That has never changed – would never change, if he lived to make the same choice again.

He won’t, Ace knows, but it’s okay. He hadn’t counted on living beyond today, anyway. That he has been given a little more time is more than he’d expected, and he’ll use it for this; the very last of his strength and conviction.

It’s okay, Ace thinks.

This is okay.

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This is pure self-indulgence but I also blame @myopicbloom for my having this idea that I absolutely had to write down.
Also it’s conveniently her birthday tomorrow so Happy B-day darlin ♡
Short nsfw CrocLu ahead:

The rhythmic motion of the waves beneath the ship aided the rise and fall of the head clad in a straw hat. Luffy moved quietly, a godsend surely, as he bobbed.

Crocodile curled a fist into what hair he could that spilled from beneath the infamous accessory.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, and watch the damn teeth,” he growled.

Lips stretched wide in a cheeky smile around Crocodile’s cock, the younger pirate drew his tongue up the shaft in a delightful sort of agony. He reached the tip after much too long, the older man’s scowl deepening as he grit his teeth around his cigar. The tongue pressed below his head, drawing over the most sensitive part as smug eyes watched him beneath the brim of that cursed hat.

“Damn you, this isn’t a game,” he huffed, breath shakier than he’d care to admit.

A lewd ‘pop’ later and a rough laugh blew against his oversensitive skin.

“Crocodile sure is tasty,” Luffy’s smile was crooked as his dilated pupils caught in the light, giving him a dangerous glint that sent a thrill up the older man’s spine. He could feel the back of his neck and his ears heat as the other pirate continued to mouth along his dick, “I could. Do this. All day. Gator♡”

He growled again and brought his hook down on top of the hat, “Get on with it, I haven’t got ‘all day.’”

The bastard laughed, “shishishishi! Stuuupid, I thought you wanted me to slow down…”

Whatever retort Crocodile may have had was bit down with the moan that almost escaped when Luffy sucked on one of his balls, damn this kid learned too quickly… was it his instincts?

His breath came too irregularly now, Strawhat had wrapped a hand around him as that smart mouth teased his sack and his oh who the hell told this damn brat about the perineum?!

Far too soon he spilled forth, the hand wrung him out before Luffy’s mouth came back up to join it. He noticed hazily that some managed to get on the brim and smirked.

“‘Tasty’…eh?” he grinned, wiping it from the hat.

He pressed his jewelled fingers to the other man’s lips, and his own pulled back into a wider smile as the digits slipped inside and were sucked clean with apparent relish.

“I’ll be keeping that in mind, Strawhat.”

so im watching bits of one piece again and just

can i say how much i love Monkey D ‘I’ll pick a fight with any-goddamn-body’ Luffy??

seriously, that 'i dont care who you are, get the FUCK OUTTA MY WAY’ attitude is one of my favorite things about him