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Larry might share colors but Narry share clothes ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

BOOM!!!! Ask and you shall receive, Non-Non! (Don’t ask, and you’ll still receive!)

They also share accessories:

And have similar clothing/accessories, because that’s just how they do:

In 2016, scientists observed what is probably the first known contract killing outside of the human species. It happened in Borneo, when a female orangutan named Kondor “hired” a male named Ekko to eliminate a rival female, Sidony. These were, of course, names that the researchers gave them – the orangutans did not tell them their names. They’re dumb animals, and also they know what happens to snitches.

Orangutans are particularly docile as far as apes go, so it’s safe to say that Sidony did something to piss Kondor off right proper. The scheme began when Kondor called Ekko over, which was curious in itself, because orangutans of the opposite sex rarely associate outside of mating season. Later, Ekko was seen spying on Sidony, before returning to Kondor, with whom he immediately started having a lot of hot ape sex.

After that, Ekko confronted Sidony and promptly mauled her to death, before returning to Kondor and having some more hot ape sex.

Yes, you are correct: That was Kim Basinger’s sideplot from Wayne’s World 2. A thousand monkeys working at a thousand typewriters for a thousand years might not write Hamlet, but apparently they can nail down an SNL spin-off in an afternoon.

5 Painfully Accurate Human Behaviors In The Primate World

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i think the most innacurate larrie lie i've heard is that harry hates niall. have... have they seen the way harry acts around niall? he can barely contain himself from fucking him in public most of the time.

He hates Niall sooooooo much though-

(PAUSE, because like…if that isn’t Niall and Harry being comfortable as hell as NARRY, then I don’t know what is.)

So much hate. 💙💚