Narry: Through the Years

Sooo, the other day a Non-Non asked me this:

If you could pick one Narry moment from each year the band has been together, what ones would you choose?

To which, I said:

Hi Non-Non! I have a bit of a problem…limiting myself when it comes to choosing Narry moments. (I tried to do a ‘Top 10’ one time and it turned into ‘Top 100+ and counting’.) Soo can I bargain for like…just favourite moments? I can work with max five from each year? :)

No, I’m really not even kidding or exaggerating when I say it’s next to impossible for me to choose between Narry moments. It’s SO HARD. It’s like, every time I think I’ve got it all figured out I think of something else and then I have rearrange everything. SO, without further ado (and before I can change my mind for the millionth time), here we go:


- Narry Mullingar trip, and how they went from innocent little monkeys:

to [seemingly] naked…monkeys:

- Protective!Niall comforting Harry:

- Proud!Niall hugging bashful!Harry:

- Domestic!Narry doing laundry together:

- Possessive!Harry:


- Niall wants to hold Harry’s hand:

- Harry can’t help himself:

- Harry says Niall looks like a furby:

(and then again in 2012!)

- “Ariiii babes”:

- The day Harry Styles made Narrie hearts melt all over the world:


- Who’s the best kisser? “Niall!”

- Narry making kissy faces:

- Niall stroking Harry’s cheek:

- Flying Start; Clingy!Niall:

- Pt. 2 (because I honest to goodness couldn’t choose and this is one of the moments that had me):

- Narry talking about the time Harry got the Irish pummeled into him:


- “You have the best face.”

- “I’m in love with you, and all Niall’s little things.”

- Miami!Narry:

(Narry getting off the boat together; Niall wearing Harry’s shoes and carrying his own…)

- 1D Day!Narry:

- Ballroom dancing/falling:


- The moment ‘You & I’ became a Narry song too:

- Aria Awards:

- “I’d do Niall.”:

- Niall offering his nuts up for Harry:

- “That was for you!”


- Cake pop!Narry:

- “We are the champions!”:

- “Yes, pet?”:

- “Everything we do!”:


- Mistletoe kiss:

anonymous asked:

Remember when Harry removed the price stickers off of Niall's shoes, and Niall was holding on to Harry's love handles?


anonymous asked:

Remember when Niall and Harry were facing each other during Best Song Ever. And Niall was looking hot playing the guitar. And Harry was going to do his water fountain, and he was smirking at Niall.


Look at his stupid face..

Look at HIS stupid face!!

Look at Niall bouncing slightly in time with Harry..

LOOK AT THIS MESS!! The best part is that when Lilo get a little too close to Niall during their water fights he yells at them about “water and electricity and electrocution!!” – but when Harry does it, well, Niall fucking encourages him.

anonymous asked:

Remember when Niall said "shut up, Harry! Save your voice!!

LISTEN, NON-NON!! This is like a four-part series!! (in no particular order)

1. Niall teasing Harry:

2. Niall being proud of Harry:

3. Niall gently kicking Harry as a concerned warning:

“I know I teased you earlier, and I know we had a laugh, but in all seriousness, babe, stop.”

And then there’s Harry, all smiley because Niall cares.

4. Niall finally having had enough and putting his foot down: