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Tonight’s race was always going to be a special moment that would be when two monkeyrunner feet together for a fresh career in the sun. For tonight Duncan (aka Hindu) had planned a 6 miles run either wear our Vibrates, planned to run completely minimalist with just shorts, monkeyrunner, shirt and MF without GPS or phone watches. Therefore, the allotted time ran down the road and I became the way to Duncan I was amused to see that he was waiting at the end of the garden path with the three guys running around barefoot . monkeyrunner,… aware that they were waiting for his wife to return to stores.

Then I realized there were 5 of us in bare feet (and two of us in Vibrates) and had to work now the collective noun for monkeyrunner, company, shopping, mission, tribe or my favorite that we were off the road is a desert. Waving goodbye we ran down the street, the boys lead the way and I’m always surprised that they were in a good rhythm and unpleased by the concrete lining in the … amazing.

Turning back the two boys went to our usual style choose a path without a single plan that Duncan was not more than 6 kilometers in length, monkeyrunner, which was recovering from his knee injury, but made every effort to prevent the entry the way in the best way possible, and have even seen “intrusion” into a livery stables back on track when we find our blocked by nettles road chest. monkeyrunner, While I was in the nature reserve and through our local forests.

I like this way of running … just go for it and see what comes out at the other end, monkeyrunner, we had 4.5 miles screaming pointed us in the direction of the house and were surprised that we present ourselves in the way we handle Duncan 5.9 miles .. . true to our word that no more than 6.

monkeyrunner - Informations be found here !

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