Happy B-Day Julie <3
Happy B-Day Julie <3

To: Julie

My beautiful baby today is August 6th… The day you were born, the day I certainly love the most… On your birhtday i would like to express all the love I have for you, I can’t thank God enough for bringing such a caring, loving, sexually frustatred and perv person like you in my life 

How grateful I feel… That just this post isnt enough for me to tell you how much I love you…  On this day I wish you the best my dear, God bless you… Please keep enjoying life as you have together with ELF and Super Junior, let’s keep having fun… More birthdays will come and I hope I’m there for you… Once again thank you for being born my love, thank you…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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P.S: The song isn’t that big of a thing but since your bias is Kyuhyun I just thought a song of him would make it special… <3