Re-post because I just realized that IG cut off the finish.
A little tinkering around with #MantisStyle #Wudang #KungFu with my student, Hoagie. Light and #playful #sparring.
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Not an artist by any means but here is a quick doodle of what I would have dressed Emma in to get married.

She would wear a dressy red leather jacket over an off-white lacey dress. There would be a belt, with a monkeyfist knot buckle because those things are beautiful.

I don’t know shit about shoes but Emma would be wearing them. She’s not a ghost lol.

I think if Emma wore a veil, it wouldn’t cover her face.

Please don’t tell me my style sucks and proportions are off since I know that. Thanks!


Ultra cute self-defense keychains! Perfect for carrying around in your purse or backpack. Comes in different styles–made to expand or retract to size, or not, or to be worn like a necklace. It’s always nice to feel just a little more safe when out and about. They each have one ounce weights and made of high-quality para-cord. 

4$-7$ via Marshmallow Bones on Etsy.


We are delighted to announce that Trine Lise Nedreaas has been commissioned to create a large outdoor sculpture for a joint development between Statoil and IT Fornebu in Oslo, Norway.

“Monkey Fist” will be a site specific 14 meter tall bronze sculpture placed in front of the main building of the new business park at the site for the old Fornebu airport in Oslo. The traditional Monkey Fist boating-knot was used to attach ships to the harbor and also as a sling weapon by rioting sailors. Here it is enlarged to gigantic proportions, dwarfing its surroundings in the process.  Standing tall, its tail rope stretched skywards above the building, the knot is a reminder of both the vanished airport and Norway’s maritime history.