Being Ezio’s best friend (and love) would include...Part I

Once again, the headcanons you’re about to start reading are going to be done in a few parts. I hope that you’ll love it like I do! Thumbs up! 

  • Your families (or rather fathers) knowing each other because of their former ‘jobs’
  • You being four/six years younger than him
  • Participating in every little endeavor of his with Federico
  • You both giving him blank looks whenever he asks if he’s done something wrong
  • Having lots of fun by pulling pranks on nobles walking around Firenze
  • Federico covering up for you, and you both having to do him favors (like carrying around his things or giving him a massage)
  • Stealing Federico’s money as a payback
  • Ezio not agreeing to let you practice free running with Federico and him at first, but relenting when he sees you scaling walls like a monkey
  • Beating him at every free running challenge

           “How?! You’re so small!”  “I am NOT small, Ezio!” “Stop it, both of you!”  

  • Your fathers noticing your skills, and discussing training you both in the future
  • Maria scolding you for returning home with mud and dust covering your clothes
  • Getting into Ezio’s room while laughing like maniacs.

          “Did you see that look on Claudia’s face?!” “Oh, that I did, piccola scimmia.”  “Who are you calling a ‘little monkey’ now?!”

  • Watching Ezio and his brother fight with Vieri and his gang of cowardly chickens, and you encouraging them to beat that slimy bastardo up

           “Don’t forget to kick him in his little jewels!”

  • Ezio being worried about you standing near him and his brother while fighting back those men
  • Asking him about his ‘little injury’

          “You alright there, amico?”   “Don’t you worry about it, Y/N. I’m fine.”   “Si, If you say so.”

  • Accepting the challenge to race to the doctor’s, and this time letting Ezio win, though him knowing you did that on purpose, but mentally thanking you for that.
  • Ezio entirely forgetting about visiting Cristina that day
  • Being ready to defend Ezio, but getting baffled by Giovanni’s quick change of attitude
  • Your father having a talk with you about you misbehaving when hanging out with Ezio, and you knowing you can still be around your best friend without your father grounding you.
  • Watching the male Auditores and your father being taken away by the guards, and remaining silent while both Ezio’s and your mothers cry in the middle of the room
  • Being the one to tell Ezio about what happened while he was away, and him getting shocked by those news.
  • Him forcing you to stay in his house, and you reluctantly agreeing but making him promise to send your father your love
  • Him seeking you out the moment he’s home and telling you what his father told him.

          “It’s in his study, you say? I think I know where it is…” “Then lead us to it.”

  • You surprising him by quickly finding the hidden switch in Giovanni’s study, and telling him that you used the ‘special’ vision
  • You knowing that he had it too
  • Waiting for him to bring the papers to Uberto Alberti
  • Him again forcing you to stay with your mothers and his sister while he goes to the execution
  • Being rushed out of the palazzo Auditore by Annetta when Ezio comes back looking as angry as a bull, and knowing talking with him at the moment would be impossible
  • Him finally telling you about what had happened when you reach Monteriggioni, and hugging him with all your might while crying your heart out
  • Mario training both of you at the same time while ignoring the age difference.
  • Ezio fruitlessly trying to persuade his uncle to stop making you into an assassin because he thinks you’re too young
  • You beating him without any effort whatsoever

           “Did you just…?” “Beat you? Oh yes.”

  • Swearing to Ezio that you’ll never leave his side when it’s time to assassinate Uberto, and him doing the same while giving you a firm bear hug (which you love)
  • You very slowly starting to develop romantic feelings towards him because you always feel safe, noticed, and loved whenever you two are together
  • Unbeknownst to you, him starting to feel the same towards you but initially mistaking it as him just getting more protective over his best friend
  • Being there for him when he finally breaks down after assassinating that traitor Uberto, and him really appreciating you giving him the comfort he needed
  • Starting to draw different sketches of new assassination methods, and devices for eliminating targets (‘almost’ like Leonardo)
  • Waiting for the real adventures to begin