monkey yellow

L'amore è un rischio.
—  Arctic Monkeys - Old Yellow Bricks

(Art)ic Monkeys

16.12.31 Kouhaku Hour 5

Sho-san appeared on stage introducing The Yellow Monkey. 

Aiba-san address Sho-san “Sho-kun”. As soon as Sho-san was on stage he touched Aiba-san’s back encouraging him 

Kumamoto’s Kumamon… (sorry I was working on Sho-san's photos… Kumamon…)

ARASHI performed last finale perfectly, perfectly (photos next post). In the middle of One Love, Aiba-san burst into tears and tried to hold his tears, and continued the performance perfectly. 

During announcement of results, Aiba-san was bit emotional and turned to ARASHI members. Nino seemed to be wiping eyes. Noticing Aiba-san watching them, Matsumoto-san touched Aiba-san a bit and turned him back to the camera while Nino leaned to him a bit, seemingly to comfort him. 

Congratulations to Red Team

Aiba-san did a very great hosting work tonight. I am very very proud of him. 

all of you. all of you online who want to write your stories, listen to me right now. learn from this. learn from this experience. explain your magical shit. let your audience know how your magic works. yes you can pull a few twists, but you have to assign some system of logic, even if that logic is “green light makes birds turn into monkeys and yellow light makes flowers explode.” do not make us have to work out amongst ourselves why on earth someone could turn into glitter. promise me right now I will never have to partake in this level of absurd discourse ever again. 



51 ~ 60

51   HARUHI - Hizumi
52   [Alexandros] - Moon Song
53   THE YELLOW MONKEY - Suna no Tou
54   GIRLFRIEND - Hide & Seek
55   YOSA - Yoake Mae (feat. ZOMBIE-CHANG & SALU)
56 - Subliminal Diet
57   Johnny’s WEST - Gyakuten Winner (Story Ver.)
58   E-girls - Pink Champagne
59   Utada Hikaru - Michi
60   Kiritani Kenta - Umi no Koe