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Prompt: Clarke gets back and Bellamy practically glues himself to her, because he's scared she'll leave again.

The More Things Change - Part 2 

(Part 1)

Hey there anon! As explained just a little bit ago, I’ve gotten a few prompts similar to this and I thought it would be neat to connect them to make a little multichapter story. Thus, I had to tweak this *very* slightly to fit in with the plot I’ve got going, but I think I did it justice. So, here we go!

Clarke had figured her friends would give her hell about leaving, but she expected disapproving glares and cold shoulders upon her return. She had abandoned them, or at least she thought that’s how some of them would see it. Apparently, though, she had forgotten that when it came to the delinquents, sarcasm and mockery were their go-to form of punishment. So, when she felt her stomach grumble for the third time in ten minutes, she flicked a glance towards Harper, who was just about to go into the medbay stock room. Seeing her chance, Clarke abandoned the work at her desk and hurried toward the door. She was so busy glancing behind her to make sure Harper didn’t come after her that she didn’t see Raven coming out of her workroom.

“Looks like we’ve got a runner,” the mechanic teased.

Clarke sighed, trying to sidestep her.

Raven just blocked her, smiling as she asked, “Where are—”

“Don’t say it.”

“–going, Clarke?”

Sighing, Clarke rolled her eyes. This was their thing now, the delinquents jokingly asking Clarke where she was going every time she took a single step anywhere. It was amusing to her the first week, and sure, she’d take the heat, but now, well, now it was wearing on her, though everybody else seemed to still be enjoying the teasing.

“I’m going to go get some goddamn lunch because my stomach feels like it’s eating itself, okay?” Clarke muttered, narrowing her eyes as Raven raised a radio to her mouth.

“She’s coming your way, Monty. Keep an eye out.”

The radio crackled as Monty called in a confirmation, concluding with a cheerful see you soon, Clarke!

Punching Raven’s shoulder on her way past, which just made the mechanic laugh, Clarke strode down the hall, muttering under her breath about people having better things to do than monitor her whereabouts. Still, she didn’t quite have the heart to ask them to stop; she knew it was their way of expressing how much they missed her. And after months of solitude, she’d admit that as annoying as their smug grins were, it was also nice to know people were looking after her.

Still, as she headed for the yard, she contemplated stopping by her room unexpectedly on the way to lunch just to spite her friends. Though the last time she had made a detour like that, Jasper had gone to her mom in a panic, claiming she was missing, which had not ended well for either of them once she had been located. As she paused at the fork in the hallway, weighing her options, a familiar pair of footsteps approached from behind.

“You lost?” Bellamy joked, stopping at her side.

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