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All this salt about Pudding. This fanbase acts like Oda hasn’t done the whole redemption things with men just as he equally does with women, like Mr. Pink and Bellamy, for instance.

This stuff about Oda handling women poorly is ridiculous, he treats them just as he does men. This site needs to learn that a woman coming into contact with a man does not make her any less independent of a character or a person.

Nami isn’t any less of a woman, character, or person because gathers a tremendous amount of strength, courage, and inspiration from Luffy.

Pudding isn’t any less of a woman for crying because Sanji complimented her greatest insecurity.

Not to mention those people that only have an issue with Pudding because she interferes with their ship. This site can be a fucking joke sometimes.

Yuuri’s Pole Dancing Playlist (probably):

I.  Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time by P!ATD   II.   London Bridge by Fergie  III.  Partition by Beyoncé  IV.  Drunk In Love by Beyoncé  V.  Crazy In Love by Sofia Karlberg  VI.  Knee Socks by Arctic Monkeys  VII.  Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande  VIII.  Cola by Lana Del Rey  IX.  Freak by Lana Del Rey 

X.  Womanizer by Britney Spears  XI.  Gimme More by Britney Spears  XII.  Break The Ice by Britney Spears  XIII.  Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake  XIV.  Promiscious by Nelly Furtado  XV.  Maneater by Nelly Furtado   XVI.  The Way I Are by Timbaland  XVII.  SexyBack by Justin Timberlake  XVIII.  Side to Side by Ariana Grande  XIX.  Body Electric by Lana Del Rey

XX.  Poker Face by Lady Gaga  XXI.  LoveGame by Lady Gaga   XXII.  Blame by Calvin Harris  XXIII.  Mr Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan   XXIV.   S&M by Rihanna   XXV.  Carry Out by TimbalandXXVI.  Give It To Me by Timbaland   XXVII. I Want U by Alison Wonderland  XXVIII.  She Wolf by Shakira   XXIX.   Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj   XXX.  Video Games by Lana Del Rey


Is it a coincidence that both Sansa and Tyrion are the black sheeps of their families (though in different ways and Sansa mostly from audience’s perspective)? And that they were both tormented by the king, accused for treason, suspected of kingslaying, hated by Cersei from the beginning? Is it a coincidence that they were married? Well, no.

The fact that Littlefinger and Varys are interested in them and that they actually saved them from certain death in King’s Landing…. It’s just making me curious…… Petyr and Varys saw something in Sansa and Tyrion.. And we all know WHO Petyr and Varys are, and how they’re also connected by, I don’t know destiny? No, it’s George’s amazing brain, actually.

Anyway , they saved them, and took them to different parts of the world (from different reasons, I know) and after that we have Daenerys sailing to Westeros and Jon becoming the King in the North..

So, it’s Daenerys and Jon, Littlefinger and Varys and Sansa and Tyrion.. The’re all connected somehow.. But how?

 Is George trying to tell us something? D&D??

(GRRM smiles while Sophie talks about Sansa and Tyrion)

I don’t know, it’s weird.. I’m not offering you answers, I’m just noticing all those parallels.

But even in the Vale they were in similar life danger.. Remember that Robin wanted to make “the little man fly”, and Lysa was threatening to push Sansa out the Moon Door… Coincidence lol ?

Also, the reason why Cersei always hated/disliked them, is maybe because Sansa is Stark and Tyrion is a dwarf who “killed” Cersei’s mother, or maybe it’s because Cersei believed/believes that Tyrion is the “valonqar” from the prophecy and that Sansa is “the younger, more beautiful queen”. (though I believe that Jaime is the valonqar and Dany is the queen and I don’t fucking know what Cersei believes now, after season 6).

Now, seriously..

Sansa and Tyrion are like the saviors of their houses, and no one expected that from the “little bird” and “little lion”, from the “disgraced daughter” and the “demon monkey”, from woman and dwarf

Sansa is not Robb, and Tyrion is not Jamie, they are woman and dwarf and they’re like the new hope for House Lannister and Stark. Nobody can deny their contribution (Tyrion is the hand of the queen and Sansa is the main reason why Stark banners are over Winterfell again). Both are very interested in politics, and  being a Lannister and Stark who have a good opinion of each other and who are advising and supporting Targaryens.. that’s Westeros’ greatest chance for peace and unity, you know.

They are politicians who won, who really won some battles no one expected them to win (Tyrion-Blackwater, Sansa-Winterfell) and didn’t get enough credit for it (at least I think that) And now they’re like the second most powerful people (Sansa in the North and Tyrion in the east). 

I feel like they are meant for each other. And tbh it would be such a BEAUTIFUL IRONY but also another aspect of Sansa’s character development if she remarries Tyrion Lannister, and because she wants that

Remember that we all kinda hated Sansa Stark in the beginning, because of how naive and arrogant she was. All she wanted was a beautiful prince and blah blah. She judged people by their physical appearance and didn’t care much about her own Northern identity (she tried so hard to be the new Cersei). But Tyrion is a Lannister dwarf who thinks that Sansa is beautiful and smart, and who actually likes the Starks, and knows how important is to never forget what you are.

And it was Tyrion, the imp, who saved her from her beautiful prince/king Joffrey and “noble” knight Ser Meryn Trant. She wanted a handsome prince, but she was forced to marry Tyrion.. who was kind and gentle. The traits Eddard Stark wanted in Sansa’s potential husband..

Life taught Sansa valuable lessons and Tyrion is definitely one of them. 

Remember that they both want to be loved and married for love (I’m too lazy to post quotes, but if you read books, you know).



Her true husband is a dwarf, and her true knight is a woman (Brienne). How ironic is that? 

But I really think that something big is hiding is there.. just the way their scenes were filmed, LOOK AT THIS: 

or the scene after Joffrey’s death, when Tyrion said that Sansa is not a killer (he said “yet” lol) and when Sansa said that she just knows that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey. Or that beautiful wedding night scene.. Or the way Tyrion looked at her, the way he understood her surviving games in King’s Landing.

Yeah, I know.. I ship them. But just think about it OK. It’s better to ship her with Tyrion Lannister, one of the best GoT characters, than with the man who betrayed her dad, or with her cousin, or with men she never shared a scene.


They’re going to be amazing parents!!

not really spoilery side note, WW was pretty inclusive w nonwhite characters and not just sticking in a few token side characters, but also having a lot of nonwhite extras as well as nonwhite characters w bgs and actual lines

I remember that being a big critique when fantastic beasts came out, that they had like 0 nonwhite bg characters in contrast to the historical reality of the city at that time period, and this movie did the opposite and it was noticeable without the filmmakers seeming to force it or pat themselves on the back over it, so that was nice

also the first time i’ve seen a native american actor with a main-ish role in ages. the revenant did a way shittier job with their zillion unnamed undeveloped native characters in a setting which was historically chockful of native americans than this superhero movie set in europe

not spoilers but stuff i noticed and appreciated, it wasn’t just a Female Gurl Empowerment thing