monkey warren

Life is Strange Overwatch mains
  • Max: you think it would be Tracer but she plays Genji because she is the Blackwell Ninja.
  • Kate: Goes for D.Va and names her mech Alice.
  • Victoria: obviously plays Widowmaker and tries to speak French on the voice chat.
  • Dana: Team mom, plays Mercy. Will not hesitate to pull out her gun.
  • Chloe: its high noon hahah blaze it
  • Rachel: Torbjörn because she finds it funny to get play of the game while dead.
  • Alyssa: Is anyone going to play Reinhardt? Anyone? Ugh fine.
  • Brooke: Tried to get to the highest point in every map and rains down justice in the form of rockety explosions.
  • Taylor: Mei is just the cutest and doesn't get why people complain about ice wall placement.
  • Courtney: She says she plays Zarya because she likes the play style but we believe Courtney secretly like dem muscles.
  • Stella: Winston because monkeies are funny.
  • Warren: Only plays TF2, LoL, and WoW. Complains about overwatch being a bad tf2 clone.

Today I got an idea for a new AU! This actually takes place in the past, a long, long time ago.
I got inspired by the theory of Hater originally being a monkey.
He was born in a zoo, but the birth itself was really rough on his mother. He was an exceptionally large individual and, due to improper caring, she died while giving him to life.
Now, you should all know how the first months of life are crucial to the development of a new born. The lack of mother care made impossible to Hater to fit in the group and for his own safety the zoo manager decided to try and sell it to NASA.

There he was given to the cures of Warren, a biologist who worked in the scimpanzee training department. The scientist almost immediatly took a soft spot on the baby monkey. Though he never really gave him a name, in an effort to not become too attached to the animal (he usually referred to him as “Boy”), Warren grew a synergic relationship with him. He took care of him, fed him, played with him, helped him through tests.
Since Hater never really got great scores in them, nor ever mastered the sign language (as I said, his first weeks of life left a huge scar on his development), the biologist was convinced that they would have never chose hid Boy to go into space.
So he softned up even more, to the point that he would actually take home the monkey with him and bring him along in his trips.

Hater - or, well, the monkey Boy - never saw Warren as a parental figure, but he was family nevertheless. In fact, he was the only family he ever had, his best friend, the person he trusted and cared about more than anything else.

So now you can imagine how heartbroken and betrayed the poor animal felt the day he was put in a suit and shot up into space to… Well, basically die.
Of course, Warren was totally against it and just as desperate, but Hater never understood that. He just felt anger at being suddenly deserted by the only being who ever showed him love.

Nowadays, of course, Hater has forgot all of that. He doesn’t remember his past and he has changed to the point where him and “monkey Boy” could be considered two entirely different individuals.
But stilk, in his subconscious, something lingers.
A desperate anger, loneliness, a liking for sneakers and a hurtful hate for the color orange..