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Disney World Au!!

So i know I’ve already done a disney-related post here but I decided this time it would be what if these losers worked at Disney World. It made me ridiculously happy.

  • Daichi- Splash Mountain Lifeguard that just wants to go one day without some kid throwing himself into the deepend
  • Suga- Magic Kingdom Ballon Stand operator with sunshine smiles and magic hands that can make any type of balloon animal
  • Asahi- Rafiki in the giant fur suit from hell. He is made of sweat at this point and he hates when tiny children jump on him. It happens alot.
  • Noya- Animal Kingdrom trainor. He’s very proud of his monkeys and the tricks they can do. Has at least five monkeys on him at all times
  • Narita- Baymax and he’s super sweet and likes to play with the little kids and he loves how they light up when the see him. Does not like the sweat.
  • Kinoshita-Train conductor that helps old ladies on and off and tugs the horn for little kids who ask and tips his hat to make kids giggle
  • Ennoshita- Hollywood Studio Theatre runner. he makes sure all of their shows run on schedule. This is life now, he was supposed to be in actual Hollywood. He’s eternally bitter
  • Tanaka- Tower of Terror operator that psyches people up and scares riders before they even get on the ride
  • Kageyama- It’s A Small World operator. No one his face is so scary, I’d feel like murdering someone too if I had to hear that song over and over again
  • Hintata- Peter Pan. I know I said that last post but it’s perfect and he’s the right size and he’s an actual ball of sunshine.
  • Tsukishima- Epcott imagineer that works at ImageWorks and keeps everything running all the time. Hates children that break his toys.
  • Yamaguchi- ImageWorkds tour guide that help children figure out how to work the machines and interactive sciency things.
  • Yachi- Alice, absolutely 100% without a doubt. She’s tiny and adorable and she gets really into character.
  • Shimizu- The really pretty Snow White who smiles sweetly and has children make wishes with her
  • Oikawa- Prince Charming who’s really handsome and flirts with all the moms and makes teenage girls swoon but gets kicked by little kids.
  • Iwaizumi- Space Mountain operator who wonders why Prince Charming keeps showing up here instead of doing his goddamn job
  • Matsun- Tea Cup operator who makes a shit ton of bad Alice in Wonderland jokes
  • Makki- Merry Go Round operator who always has overly cheesy catch phrases at the end of the ride
  • Yahaba- Pirate Gift Shop Employee who is contemplating stabbing his eye out with a plastic hook. His only entertainment is the grumpy guard outside that flushes when kids ask for his help.
  • Kyoutani- Security Guard that’s been banished to Adventure Island because people find him scary- Yahaba makes him wear pirate gear
  • Kindaichi- Dumbo operator that has no idea what they’re doing and always leaves at least two cars empty
  • Kunimi- Souvenir Cart person that forgets that Disney is the Most Magical Place on Earth
  • Watari- Hollywood Studios Fantasmic Show special effects planner that totally goes overboard with the fireworks everytime
  • Kuroo- The Mad Hatter that goofs around and ‘kidnaps’ children to go off to wonderland with him and likes to carry Alice around on his shoulders
  • Kenma- Chesire Cat that is never around because he’s taking super long breaks to hide and play games
  • Lev- Chersire’s guard/manager that is super cheerful but also pretty intimidating and he makes little kids cry on accident
  • Yaku- Epcott world travel guide that has to take all these stupid tourists that can’t read a map around the circle

I considered making this into two posts but I’m too lazy. I hope you enjoyed, if you have any thoughts please feel free to let me know, or if you have anything you think would better suit the characters.

**EDIT** I just realized i fucking forgot Taketora and Inuoka I feel awful. It’s like I’ve forgotten my children at Walmart. I feel like I’ve failed as their mother. Ok but like, Taketora as a waiter at one of the restaurants and he may or may not spit in obnoxious people’s food. And Inuoka as the guy at the lost and found that suposedly has some sort of system for organizing things but it just looks like he threw everything  in a pile.

You know what a lot of PoC hear when we get asked questions like, “do a Japanese bow for me” or “walk like an Egyptian” is “perform for me, trick monkey.”  It’s incredibly anxiety-producing.