monkey see doggy do

How many episodes from PPG 2016 took from the original?

Well, here goes nothing. These are all of the connections I could make between episodes from the reboot and the original.

Escape From Monster Island - Same theme as Three Girls and a Monster (Blossom and Buttercup fight, Bubbles gets tired of it and ignores both of them)

Princess Buttercup - Same plot as Buttercrush (Buttercup joins a gang, ignores her sisters, then saves them in the end)

The Stayover - It’s a parody of the Hangover (It’s not exactly unique, but it’s aware of itself so I’ll give it half credit)

Painbow - The product of combining Uncle Grandpa, Gumball, We Bare Bears, and Clarence together into one show. Or the same theme as Tough Love if you’d rather go by that instead (Everyone in town is brainwashed and the girls need to stop a villain to return them to normal)

Horn Sweet Horn - Hmmm, not entirely sure if this takes from anything since Bubbles loving animals is kinda a general trait rather than a plot point. Closest comparison I can make is probably Helter Shelter or Stray Bullet I guess, but the controversy detracts from the quality of this episode anyways

Man Up - Same plot as Makes Zen to Me (Buttercup tries to learn to contain her aggressive attitude)

Bye Bye Bellum - Same theme as Something’s a Ms. (Bianca Bikini replaces Ms. Bellum as the Mayor’s assistant just like Sedusa)

Little Octi Lost - Same plot as Octi-Gone (Bubbles flips out when she finds Octi is missing)

Strong Armed - Same plot as Bubblevision (Bubbles gets physically impaired)

Power Up Puff - Same plot as Nuthin’ Special and Mane Event (Blossom is lacking a power just like Buttercup; Blossom is ashamed of herself because everyone makes fun of her for the embarrassment that’s out of her control)

Tiara Trouble - Same plot as The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! (All the villains and girls are competing with each other to obtain an item with a villain getting it in the end)

The Wrinklegruff Gals - Same theme as Fallen Arches (Old heroes stop bad guys. It’s less specific than other episodes, I’ll admit)

Arachno Romance - Same plot as Mommy Fearest and same theme as Insect Inside. (The professor is seeing a woman the girls don’t like; The villain is related to some type of arthropod)

Puffdora’s Box - Same plot as Not So Awesome Blossom (Blossom thinks she can handle a situation herself, fails, then learns it’s okay to rely on others for help)

Blue Ribbon Blues - Same theme as Monkey See, Doggy Do (Humans turn into animals)

Frenemy - Same plot as Superfriends (Girls become friends with someone, they betray them. Robin does end up becoming good again whereas Jemica does not though)

Once Upon a Townsville - It attempts to share the same theme (based on what Haley Mancini has said) as Equal Fights, but it fails miserably (I’d rather not describe this one detail)

Man Up 2: Still Manning - Same theme as Cover Up (Buttercup gives up something special to her)

Viral Spiral - HEY IT’S ORIGINAL! (I think?)

Bubbles of the Opera - Same plot as Bubblevicious (Bubbles goes rogue)

Sister Sitter - Same theme as Down n’ Dirty (if you consider Buttercup ignores the thing she’s obligated to do in order to enjoy herself. I admit I might be stretching a bit for this one).

TTG v PPG - Same plot as Members Only.

And there you have it. Out of all of the episodes to air so far, only ONE hasn’t taken something from the original show as far as I can tell.