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I’d like to address something in this fucked up FNDM.

Honestly what do people have against Sun and Jaune? It’s literally just them that people have so many problems with for some reason??? “Sun is a stalker and abusive!!!” How? For caring about his friend and crush and trying to see if she’s okay? Do you just not want him around Blake because of your little Bumblebee ship? Guess what? It’s just a fucking ship. So excuse him for trying to see what was wrong with Blake and trying to get her back to her team. Excuse him for being the only faunus that she has something in common with and can confide in. And even if they do end up together so what? Yeah I’m a Black Sun shipper, but I was also a Arkos shipper and you don’t see me bitching about that. Speaking of Arkos, let’s get to Jaune and Pyrrha.
Yes. She died. Everyone was angry, including me. Yes, Jaune took her crown and smelted it into his own armor. Know why? Because they were fucking friends! Yes, Jaune may not have noticed her crush on him until it was too late, but she also didn’t tell him about it either so honestly that was her fault. And it’s not like he just said “Well she’s dead let me take her stuff and make it into some bitchin’ armor!” No, he clearly felt remorse for her. HE OBVIOUSLY CARES ABOUT HER AND WANTS TO KEEP HER AROUND WITH HIM! ALSO! KNOW WHY HE GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME? JAUNE IS A FREAKING MAIN CHARACTER! THAT’S WHY! He was literally one of THE first characters to be shown in the first episode! Yes, the show may be named RWBY, but clearly if Jaune has so much screen time then HE WOULD BE IMPORTANT FOR SOME REASON?!????????!??????? We’re only 4 volumes in the series. Shit’s clearly gonna go down and obviously Jaune is an important part of it. One thing I WILL agree on with you guys though.. Jaune did need to stop going after Weiss after countless rejections, but you guys have to know, it’s just for comical relief. Ya know… “Haha” “funny” or did you turn into some humorless sack of boring flour? Yes, Jaune is a flawed character, but he’s not a bad guy so don’t make him out to be one. Sun isn’t a bad guy either. He really cares for Blake and we all just need to get the ships out of our head and focus more on the stories and platonic relationships.

FYI: I really don’t like Bumbleby as a ship.. I just don’t. I see them as more of sisters, but if they do end up together, then hurray! Good for them! Hurray for lesbian ships! I also ship Sea Monkey, so there’s possibly still hope for Sun. In the RWBY team, I’m honestly more of a Monochrome/Checkmate shipper. Also… Don’t even get me started on a White Rose rant…. God I hope that doesn’t become a thing… I really hope it doesn’t… I hate White Rose.. (but as I said before I will be happy for them and the LGBT)

henrik_ix Hengasin Slushin bäkkärillä ni joku brittijäbä tuli pyytää selfiee ku luuli mua varmaa joksku julkkikseks ku kerran pyörin backstagella. Sano et sen nimi on Matt Helders ja soittaa ammatikseen rumpuja ja pyys tsekkaa sen bändin settejä jos vaik diggaisin. Ihan hyvän kuulosta oli, voin kyl suositella! Vähän hassu nimi bändillä mut musa aika menevää, tsekatkaa sellanen ku Arctic Monkeys #slush16 #arcticmonkeys #backstage


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